So today was our VCD faculty panel thing where they basicly just talked about the program and answered questions and stuff. But unlike the student panel, which I found to be encouraging and motivating, the faculty panel made me kinda depressed and doubtful. Not even the selection process, I'm not really worried about that any more.

My main issue was when she said design is not a self-initiated field. like, there will always be a client, unlike most artists where they do things for themself. And most don't do more than a few types of design (ie print, web, exhibhit, etc). And the fact that they say if you want to do design and dont make it in you should just go to a different school.

And I understand that as a career and for practical reasons you'd need to have clients to work for and stuff, but it's the part about not being a personal self-initated thing that bothers me the most. Because I think it (or anything really) can and should be driven by personal interests. Maybe it's cause I'm doing my paper on Geoff McFetridge (and Jonathan Ive) who I totally admire. He's driven by his own interests and does things that are personal and fun. And he makes things. Lots and lots of different things. He's done stuff in so many different areas.

I guess how i see it is, if no one gives you a book or cd or something to design, then why not just write a book or record a cd to design? I mean, I understand a degree in design is very helpful, but if you really want to do it you can. Maybe it's cause I've got a more traditional art mindset and I know im not really a designer. but I'm not crazy. People do it. Adrian Shaughnessy and Rick Poynor agree with me:

"On one side there is professional practice in all its forms; on the other a field which he terms “design-culture graphics”. This territory is inhabited by designers doing their own, often self-initiated thing: publishing books and magazines, starting websites, and designing and selling T-shirts, posters, DVDs, and other graphic doodads. “Stylistically it is usually radical, adventurous and sometimes even downright purposeless,”

I guess the picture the faculty painted was much bleaker and limited than I wanted. my prof has office hours now and i should really be there talking to her but I just wasn't up for it today. I just wanted to come home, have some fake meat, and blog.

and now to think of ideas for the last project.

arg. i just want it to be spring, so i can stop worrying and ranting about the same issues.


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