erg. jayne be sick. or something. actually it's more like just my throat feeling constantly scratchy or phlemmy so I cough and it does nothing. Its just more frustrating than anything. mainly cause coughing alot makes me feel like i need to throw up.

It's probably not true, but I feel like this is my body being mad at me for eating meat again. I don't really know why it would have anything to do with it but thats just how i feel. maybe my throat isn't use to it? cause I don't remember getting annoying throat sick a whole lot before. but since i've "crossed over" i've been like this a couple of times. I mean, its the only thing that's really changed in my environment. Maybe I'll switch back soon. It's not like I'm catching it from someone cause everyone i know is fine. But it's not like I'm eating huge amounts of it now. I've pretty much just had sandwich meat, and still sticking to my fake meat products for other things because I actually really like them. Or maybe my body is mad at me for not going to judo this week. I don't know...but I'm pretty sure my body is mad about something.

on a totally unrelated note, my favorite kind of people are the ones that pretend they have experience and do cool stuff even though they've never done it before or had any propper training. I just like that they've got so much faith in their abilities. I dunno, I guess I've just been thinking about it cause I'm working on my paper and I've discovered Geoff McFetridge is one of my new heroes. I mean I liked his work before, but seeing how much stuff he does as a one man design firm is so cool.

I've also decided to add another thing to my life to do list: design a movie title sequence. For some reason it never really occured to me that movie title sequences were done by design people but I've always been into them. I always assumed it was just part of the film people's thing. But yeah, that would be really cool.

And I think I will do an open mic this year, just because I've never preformed like that before.but just not yet cause i havent had time to practice, but I think I'll be okay once I get my paper out of the way, cause then I've just got my final project left. but im thinking december sometime, which is soon.


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