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So kids, what did Jayne learn today?

Figure out a budget and compensation BEFORE starting any work for anyone. And don't work for crazy overly ambitious people that clearly don't know what they're doing.

You'd think I'd be smart enough to realize this on my own and not have to learn from experience. But apparently not...

They kept avoiding telling me what their budget was and asking me for an estimate, so I gave them a really really low number* based on illustration pricing guidelines and what my bro, his boss, and my design prof told me. I don't think it was unreasonable, especially with the turn around and sheer quantity** they were looking for. So they reply with an angry email about how they're donating their time to help educate these 3rd world kids and can't possibly afford what I asked. That I don't work fast enough and how they think it's a skill level thing*** and how they pretty much won't use or pay for the 3 things I've already done for them because they want the rights to it.****

* Thesepricing guidelines describe projects, the details, the compensation, and comments for different situations. The VERY lowest example was:
Sunday school, number of illustrations: 15, time: 4 wks, payment $10 each, comments: this is slave labor
And I was actually offering them way more for LESS with a much faster turnaround.

**we're talking like 580 illustrations by the end of the year with a total of 1380 by the end of Feburary 05.

***apparently they're looking for 12 illustrations per hour. But you know, even for just really simple line drawings, for them to not look like shit you'd have to spend more than 5 minutes on each one. Cause I mean, if I do stuff I don't want it to look shitty, but maybe that's just me. And maybe it is a skill level thing and I really just can't output that much that quickly, but you know I think if you're THAT good you wouldn't be working these kind of crap jobs anyways.

****I generally don't care about copyright stuff cause I'm more of a creative commons kind of person. But completely handing over my rights to my own work? no way.

Okay. this is way too long. I think I'm done venting... better get to bed.


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