brain hurts.

the non-profit is asking me to give them a rate for this big project and it's giving me such a major headache. my brain is just like "AHHH!!!!! NUMBERS!!!! NO!!!!!" all this adding.. and dividing.. and fractions....

and then there's the whole uncertain aspect of the intangible things like experience and quality and psychic ability.... well maybe not psychic, but the ability to estimate how long it will take me to finish things.

I'm not a business person. Although I suppose I should learn to be since if I do freelance it'll basicly be a little buisness of me. I think the problem is the woman I'm dealing with IS in business, so she's a tricky one.

So i've asked some of the art "elders" for some sage advice. mainly my bro, his boss, and my design prof. and I'm glad I did cause they're realistic and giving me advice on how to not get screwed over and taken advantage of. But it still hurts my brain.

I was going to come home and work on my project but instead I've been mulling over all this trying to figure out something that's fair, even though no matter what I come up with I know they won't be able to afford it...



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