(I really like that word)

Twas the last day of 166 critique today. Hopefully I'll be seeing some of those kids next quarter, as I've grown fond of them. Tommorrow's the last real day of class. On Friday 2/3 of my classes are cancelled and sex section doesn't really count. I'll probably stop by to pick up my last test since I'll be on campus to pick up my paycheck anyways..

Tommorrow's the holiday potluck lunch at work, which is kinda cool just cause I don't think I've ever really had a holiday thing at work. I'm bringing peanut butter cookies i made (from scratch, yo). Then taking the second half of the day off to get down to the Deck The Hall Ball (and maybe run into my manager there). Tomorrow's also the last day of work for a while, since we get finals + holidays off.

And today my SW cover came out! yay! The printing is kinda off and shitty but I think that's a combination of something I did and the fact that newspapers print shitty. But yeah, still cool anyways.

um. yeah. this entry was really just an excuse to use the world penultimate.


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