discombobulated rambles

Peter got this silly video game. I think it's called Burnout or Takeout or something along those lines. And basicly all you do is takeout other cars and crash into things. I thought it was the stupidest game ever. But then I started playing. Crashing into things is way more fun than it should be.

Stayed up late. Slept in. Didn't go to office hours, assuming there would be a lot of people. Got frustrated with the final project. (I think I'm done with it. not like cause it's all good and im done, but just like I'm done working on it. we've been doing these things for so damn long. It's pushing my attention span.) Danced to KLF (Dr. Who. HEY. Dr. Who.). Designed ads. Crashed cars.

An overall terribly unproductive day for jayne.

Also finally got back my flipbook and a copy of the DVD from the flipbook contest thing this summer. Makes me wanna make another one... but maybe I should wait till after schools out to start another tedious and time consuming project.

geez. this is the last week of the quarter. (+finals next week) My life is going by way too fast right now.


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