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hmm.... I just found this kinda interesting upper level class that's actually got a couple of spots open. Probably because it's sort of one of those hidden classes where you have to fill out an application just to take it, which I think is dumb. You shouldn't have to apply to take a class that's got open spaces and no prereqs. But yeah. it's DXARTS 490- Special Topics, and apparently the topic next quarter is about creating 3D computer modeling and environment creation using Maya. And that sounds pretty sweet. I played with Maya a little this summer and it was pretty cool.

So I filled out an application... hopefully I can take it cause UW is kinda dumb about how they only offer the really cool secret classes sporadicly so I don't know when it'd be available again. But that also means I'll probably end up dropping my intro programming class, which kinda sucks, but I can always take it later since they're always offering it.

So... if i get that class and the next vcd I'll have a totally art-centric quarter (with the public art class too). And a schedule that was entirely different than what I had planned originally... which would be cool, even though I really do wanna take intro to communications and programming too. Stupid 18 credit cap. Of course maybe I won't get either and won't have to worry about it.

I think that's enough rambling about school for today.


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