compulsive december

I think I really am a needlessly compulsive blogger...oh well.. I'm feeling rambly and procrastinative

my ankle is still weird and I can make it do a strange popping thing. is that bad?

Only 2.5 more weeks....

December's really snuck up on me.. Still trying to decide about presents and stuff. Our family's not really big on christmas, my parents being buddhist and all. (We actually do more of a New Years thing I guess.) And they're extremely un-materialistic. I never know what to get for them. They don't really collect stuff cause it turns into junk and they're not like terribly obsessed with anything. I think dad's the hardest. He's not really into any sport type stuff. Doesn't care about cars or fancy shit. He doesn't really watch movies or read a whole lot. He doesn't get along with technology stuff. All he seems to do is play in dirt... well, garden. But gardening presents are boring. My mom is pretty tough too, but at least she seems to like more stuff, I guess. But I think she's more like me in that she doesn't stick to things very long. People like my bro are also hard cause he IS so obsessed with stuff in a pretty specific way. It's hard to know if he's already got something. Hell, I don't even really know what I'd want. I sort of feel bad around xmas cause it sort of feels like my parents are constantly giving me things through out the year so it doesn't seem all that fair.

I'm also trying to decide if I want to send out a holiday letter of sorts to my STL peeps. I usually think they're kinda silly but it's been so long since I've really talked to them. It wouldn't just be a lame thing on cheezy holiday stationary. Probably something cut & pastey, cause I haven't done anything like that for a while. Maybe a good excuse to make a zine? I havent worked on a new one since I've been in college, which makes me sad. But I'm not sure if that would seem overly "hey look at what I've been doing" although I guess that's not really a bad thing... I'd like to know what they're all up to too. I dunno.. maybe... although, if I do, I better get started on it pretty damn soon. Originally I had this idea where I'd do a page every month and have something to send out in december.. but I didn't really follow through with that all that well...

alright. lunch time.


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