lazy weekend

Mmmm... Sunday brunch at Salty's. So incredibly full. And so good. It's also kinda strange cause a lot of my family was there, and I haven't seen a lot of my family in a while.. 3 aunts, an uncle, a cousin, plus parents and the bro. which is actually a very very small fraction of the extended family.

Saturday was just a sluggish stay home day, although horray for more work from Seattle weekly! Just a couple spot illos for the food guide, but still very cool.. So worked on those yesterday. Also got my first check for the iPod thing, which is cool. Makes me feel all fuzzy and professional or something.

Also did some drawing for the end-o-04 zine.. I'm determined to get this thing out. it'll probably be crappy, but I don't care. I just wanna put something out because I don't want to mail holiday cards.

and now to draw some more instead of working on my final project. smart!


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