I thought I'd be all like planning ahead and being responsible by finishing the portfolio and getting it bound today, but apparently the earliest they can guarantee it by is 8 am on wednesday. it's due wednesday by noon, at the latest. i realize that's a good 4 hour window there, but that cut off time of noon is just a little too close for comfort. Especially since I don't really trust kinkos all that much... i'd like at least a day just to make sure i can do something if they fuck up. It might be partially due to the caffeine* flowing through me, but now I'm all super super worried. Handing over my portfolio to the girl felt like handing over my first born or something. I seriously don't get nervous about stuff very easily but this.. this one damn portfolio determines so much. and they're really really strict about it being in by noon. they won't even take it if it's a few minutes late. I swear, if they fuck this up i'm going to cry so bad. i mean, the cut im not even all that worried about, because if i don't get in it's my own fault cause i suck. but if it's due to some technical difficulties, im going to be so fucking pissed. I asked her if a lot of kids had brought theirs in already or something. She said only about 4 or 5, but there's just a lot of jobs in general around the holidays. It suprised me that only 4 or 5 have brought it in though, considering there are like 150 kids in the class. I mean, there are a few other places to get things bound, but.. i'm just glad i'm done with mine.... but i'm still a nervous wreck right now.

*I like coffee drinks and stuff, my body doesn't. It probably has something to do with the fact that i dont drink much caffeine. I rarely even drink any soda any more. so i guess my body is just like "OMG! WTF, MATE?!" i can feel my self being all shakey and stuff. Maybe it also has to do with the solo kidney cause it has to work extra hard to filter it out... my body isn't happy with me eating meat either. I really should just stop drinking coffee and stick to the chai. i mean, its still caffeinated, but it doesn't make me sick. and i think i'll start off the new year veg again. I don't like the feeling of making my body angry, cause it's sort of what keeps me alive and all. plus when i don't feel well i just want to lay still, so it's pretty counter productive.


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