3 more days

got the bound folio back the other day, all fine and dandy. so i guess i was just worried for nothing. went present shopping yesterday instead of studying for today's art history final, which actually didn't go that bad. And I'm offically done with all my required art history classes! yay! Only thing left to worry about is the sex test, but I don't really care about it... It's kinda weird being so done with things and not working (till next quarter) cause I almost don't know what to do with myself. I'm getting that sort of antsy i need to be productive somehow feeling. cause right now i'm just filling the time with food and snacking away the day which can't really be all that healthy for me. I'm just feeling constantly hungry. Maybe it's not an actual food hungry, but more of an activity hungry, but snacking is the easiest way to pass time. it's a good thing we're pretty low on food here anyways.

and then we watched Oceans 12. not quite as impressive as 11, but still fun.

recent addiction: myspace.com and thefacebook.com. it's pretty silly. It's weird seeing college pics of people from my old highschool. all decked out, beer in hand and looking all collegey.

um. yeah. gonna go have some little oranges now.


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