5 quarters down.

...10 more to go? i think? something like that. anyways.... Horray for being offically on winter break and being done with everything for a while. Ended up doing pretty well in design history and I think the sex test went alright... and they mail out the vcd letters today, though it'll prolly be another couple days till i find out.

Riley's friend came to visit for a few days. It was kinda wierd being around a fellow gemini, cause i don't really know any around here. Overhearing her talk about certain stuff was funny cause i kept thinking to myself "omg! i'm like that too!" it was mostly just little things. maybe it's not really a gemini thing and she just happens to share a similar outlook or something. i dunno. I think the main thing was how she ends conversations at the first sign of an awkward pause or just the fear of one, which i tend to do almost all the time. Mainly out of the fear that I'm making someone uncomforable or bored. But I thought I was just crazy and part of me being socially inept or something like that. But as long as i know that someone else is like that too, it makes me feel okay, although maybe she's crazy too.

it seems like there are 3 ways to deal with awkward convos...there people like me who just end them. people who "just keep on talking till someone laughs" (which was once Kevin's advice on the art of fine conversation). and people who just aren't bothered by them at all. maybe there are more.. but i can't think of them. it seems like most people i know can fit into one of them. I suppose they don't actually bother me when I'm around people I'm already comfortable with, but it's gotta be a pretty high level of comfort for it to not bother me....


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