slug humbug

Last night I dreamed that our apartment was full of these big black slugs that could go through the walls and the floor so they showed up all over the place. So we tried to trap them and keep them in Peter's room. It was really really gross. When I woke up I had the heebie-jeebies and I was afraid to step off my bed.

tis now Christmas eve and I'm going to try cooking salmon for my parents. I'm probably going to fuck it all up even though it's super easy. I bought some gifts just cause I needed an excuse to waste money. Is it weird that I feel so guilty when I go shopping? For some reason shopping makes me feel like a really bad person. Maybe I've just been trained that way.

Christmas doesn't really mean anything to me. I know I wont be getting anything interesting this year, so I'm not all like stoked about it or anything. It's been a long time since I've actually been excited for Christmas.

I think I'm leaving my computer here for the weekend cause I don't really need it, though the external harddrive is going home with me so my bro and i can swap stuff. Oh my lappy, how I'll miss you. I'm tired of writing these letters to people...


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