Winter break blogging is pretty silly cause i'm extra rambly about stupid stuff, but winter break was also when i started doing the whole online journal thing 3 years ago. Everyone was out of town and I had nothing better to do.... back in 2001 on lil ol diaryland. (im so glad im on blogger now) So I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that it's just what i do. I just feel type-y cause my hand is all cramped up from writing letters. Apparently my writing muscles are out of shape or something because I've only gotten through 2 letters and I'm all tired. I think next year I'm just going to type them... or at least write it and copy it. i know it's not as personal, but it would have been much easier..

Hung out with enzo today. He sang various choir (and Queen) songs and we played card games, twas fun. I miss playing card-games-that-aren't-poker*, like speed. Speed is fun. I also miss the days when I'd play el president/asshole and spades in Kirby's ac-lab with everyone. I don't even really remember how to play those anymore.. nor do i know anyone round here who does... but I really ought to re learn them... and find people to play with. That'd be nice, just a night of pizza and cards.

I know it's a bit early to be thinking of new years resolutions seing as how it's a good 10 days till the new year, but I figure it'd be better to be ready by then. Plus my resolutions are always pretty similar anyways. One of them is always meet more people. I suppose I've done a fairly good job with that this year. I've met tons of new people. But I guess I should be more specific and actually befriend them too... to ya know, widen my social circle or something. More specificly it'd be nice to befriend at least one or two other people that live in our building and/or apartment complex. It seems silly to not know anyone that lives under the same roof as me. Plus it'd easier to hang out with people that live nearby. Most of the people I've befriended this year commute pretty far to get to school.

Also, grades are up.... Ended up doing pretty well... design history:3.6 design foundations:3.5 soc. of sex:3.5... so pretty much A-'s throughout. I have no idea how i did so well in sex.. for some reason it just seems wrong that I ended up with the same grade in sex as i did in my design class, considering i put in like 100x more work and effort in the latter. 3.5 in design is also a little worry some just cause I know that the letter grade isn't nessicarily a guarantee of not getting cut, and it's the lowest A possible.... so I'm hoping there's just a large clumping of us at or below that.. and very few above.. I obviously still havent gotten the letter yet.

*I'm so terrible at poker. Probably because I think it's a stupid game and refuse to play for money cause I know I'm going to lose, so there's really no incentive. Everyone hates playing with me anyways... *sad face*


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