holiday booty

The final loot list:

dinosaurs, farm animals, art supplies, "Frank", knee socks, fleece gloves, starbucks giftcard, iTunes music store giftcard, footstool, cheesy asian popstars, "Amzing Rain" (ExplodingDog), a blue/black seuss-like scarf, underoos, and long muppet-like gloves. (The muppet gloves are simply fabulous. they're not like hand puppets or anything, they just make me feel like a muppet.)

And since it's suppose to be the time to share and all, my bro and I swapped a bunch of stuff. got me a copy of Quicken (because I'm a nerd like that), Painter 9, and lots and lots and lots of music, which is good cause I'm starting to get bored of mine. I have no idea what i even got... He's just like "that bands good"...and i go "okay" *click. drag* repeat several times. I love new music. I know there's some Delgados, Interpol, Thievery Corporation, and.. other stuff. I'll make a list of it all when i get home... mainly so i remember what's new cause sometimes i forget and end up not listening to stuff.. Painter 9 will be especially cool once i get the wacom tablet. My mom gave me cash for half of it so i'll just pay for the other half, which isn't too bad.

My parents bought a camcorder for themselves too, rather spontaniously. The last one they bought was in the 80's and it's like.. the size of a.. large shoe box or something. I've been telling them to get a new one for years. but they were always like "no, why should we geta new one? everyone's grown up and there's nothing to record any more." so i was all suprised when my dad had us look for and order one online last night. It's cute, little, and simple cause they don't really need anything too fancy.

and the jayne-cooked meal went pretty well: fancy-ass spring mix salad, salmon, broccoli, rice, and apple strudel & icecream. good stuff.


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