I've got a full tummy and feeling rambly. Tegan and Sara is good, at least the "this business of art" album. The song "superstar" rocks my socks. I think if I had to trade in my art skills for something it'd be music making skills. Next quarter I wanna learn to use the Digital Audio Workstation thing. Uhg.. so full. My parents came by to bring me food, take me out shopping, and cook dinner. They spoil me so bad. It seems kinda weird to have both my parents retired so they've got all this free time that they can just hang around with me all day. They say I should have gone home for break. I know they're my parents, but sometimes it's hard to understand why people want to spend any significant amount of time with me. I mean, not to be all self-hating or anything. It's just that me being at the house isn't exactly super bonding time or anything. During the summer my dad spent most of the time outside. and over the weekend he spent most of it watching TV. And when they came over tonight he just turned on the tv.

The whole TV free break pretty much failed. I mean, on my own I haven't watched any. But whenever someone comes over they always want to turn it on, and I'm not going to be all militant about it or anything so I'll turn it on for them. It's just interesting though how much "socializing" apparently involves looking at a screen and not each other. It really makes me wonder what people did before TV and computers and stuff. Is it really that hard to keep ourselves amused on our own? Or is the idea of occasional silence just too much to bear? I mean, I know I'm guilty of that too. I've almost always got music going in the background. I dunno. I wish I had more people to make stuff with.

But it was probably kind of good to watch some news tonight, just cause I hadn't actually heard or seen a whole lot about The Big Tsunami on Sunday. I mean, I heard that it was huge and really hit southern thailand and sri lanka, but I guess it didn't really occur to me just how much damage it really did. It also makes me feel really guilty about buying that 2 year flickr pro sunday. I know the two aren't related at all, but it just seems wrong that I'd spend so much money on something as trivial as online photo sharing while some people across the ocean are struggling to find clean water and to bury the dead fast enough to stave off disease.

I really do spend too much money on useless shit, although after looking at everything it seems I've managed to save up a good deal this quarter. I have no idea how that happened. I thought I was just like breaking even every month or something. It's really weird.


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