and it starts. again. part 2.

It was cool seeing who made the cut from my last class, though I pretty much guessed them anyways. Its weird how few guys are in there though. in a class of like 25 there are like 5 guys. Though I guess there are never really a whole lot of them in the art department to start. (where as the CSE class is like 70% guys). Our first project is redesigning an ugly logo, and I got the EPA. I have no idea to do with it yet. Its kind of weird though cause I feel almost out of place there. Almost everyone is so.. artfully clean cut? I dunno how to describe it. But I'm not "it" and feel like the oddball. But I guess that's pretty much how it always is. It seems like it'll be interesting though, cause instead of doing theory stuff like interval and shape studies, we get to do like "applied" design projects.

I nodded off a few times in Dinosaurs and there were tons of other people trying to add the class. So it's officially dropped now. I can take it later. And now ive got 2 blocks* of time after class where i can just stay and work on stuff...

and now to brainstorm/sketch stuff out. geez. what a dull entry...

*1 block=2 units=1 hour.


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