and it starts. again.

deep breath... back in school again.

so, it's just the first day but I'm already getting nervous. not like terribly panicky nervous. more like an "omg, this quarter is going to kill me" kind of nervous. I'm not sure if I'll have enough units* of time to get everything done.. with 16 class hours (14 credit hours. not including dinosaurs**) and about 17 work hours. (per week) and all that time needed to get assignments done (im guessing around 15-20hrs for each. Luckily homework time and paid work time often overlap) there's not much time left over for anything. I mean, 14 credits doesn't really seem like very much. I did 18 my first quarter. But those were pretty much all super easy blow off type classes.

CSE seems like it should be interesting. the prof kept reassuring us that they understand like 60% of us haven't done any programing before. but also warned us of the work load. but the prof. seems nice enough.

The public art class should be super awesome, if I can pull it off. I think I'm like THE least experienced in the class. and probably the youngest. I think everyone else is a junior or senior. mostly seniors, majoring in sculpture. This is also kind of different than the other public art stuff they've done cause it's more individual. each of us are going to get to do at least one banner/sculpture and there's not really a whole lot of collaboration between the students. I'm super stoked, but it's gonna be a crazy fast paced quarter.

I was going to make new years resolutions. But I can't think of any good ones. Right now, thee only things I really care about:

1. Getting into VCD.
2. Making an interesting and creative piece of public art***
3. Not failing CSE.

So i suppose those are like my winter quarter resolutions or something. Simple enough.

*1 unit of time = half an hour. because any piece of time less than that is pretty much useless for any real activity.
**I'm going to at least go to the first dinosaurs class, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to drop it, mainly cause it would free up 2 more blocks in my schedule.
*** Or at least one that doesn't suck, because it will be permanant and I don't want to be embarassed by it every time I walk by it for the next how many ever years I'm walking round the Ave.


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