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Pretty good start to the new year. Spent most of Friday and Saturday across the water in Bremerton with Enzo and his friends. Halo 2. Burnout 3. Mario Party 5. Boggle. Texas Hold Em. Japanese Chess. I sucked at all of them, especially Halo. really really bad. It needs way too much coordination for me. I'm much better at Mario Party. I also went all in for poker at the end, and won like 5 times in a row, which doubled chips every time. I eventally lost it all. But it was still cool. And then when I got home, I had my fabulous fabulous package waiting for me. Oh blogger, how I love you and your logo. There are very very few logo/brand shirts that I'll wear cause I've been trying to de-brand myself and stuff. But i do just love this one. also, new flickr pickrs.


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