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We went to see the Rocky Horror Show tonight, which is being put on by the Undergrad Theatre Society, and it was really cool. It was so full we were on the floor. I loved the fact that Brad was played one of my co-workers. I had no idea he was in it. It was especially interesting at the end when he was dancing around in his tighty-whiteies (how do you spell that?) right in front of me. And Rocky was played by this guy from my philosophy class last year, which was also quite a shock. And of course there were lots and lots of scantily clad boys and girls. Makes me want to get sexy lingere. and someone to prance around in sexy lingere with. Mmm.

And Rin's not going to be here next week after all. *sad face* Not that I'm actually surprised. But I'm still kinda sad.

I kinda feel like everything before college didn't really happen. Like it was one long dream. Cause I don't really feel connected to any of that any more. Of course I never really feel connected no matter where I am.

I could use some chai. Time to hit up Trabant.


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