3 black cats

If I were the superstitious type, I'd say running into 3 different black cats on one day was 3 times the bad luck.

Waited round for like an hour and half this morning but the guy never showed up for my welding thing.

And I didn't even get anything at the comic con. The TopShelf and Fantagraphics tables didn't really have a whole lot of stuff. Just about everything they had I could get at the comic shop down the street. There were a lot of pretty good artists though and kids going around having them do sketches in their sketchbooks for them, which was pretty neat. I didn't really know any of the artists, but if it was like Craig Thompson I would have been all over that. The guy that does Invader Zim and all that was there. And the line of Hot Topic Goths waiting for him was like the length of the room, and it was a pretty big room.

I guess I was kinda hoping there would be more... alternative kinda comics. But like 90% was just classic super hero stuff. It was pretty cool looking at all the original art by all these artists and stuff, even though most of them did stuff in that Marvel style that I'm not really into. Also made me realize how hard it would really be to get into the business though, cause there's just SO MANY comic book artists.

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