crazy feburary

omg. Feburary is going to be a crazy ass month. Our prof wants us to finish the banner sculptures by the end of the month, and we haven't even started building them yet cause we haven't gotten the money yet. I'm a little worried, especially since the first week of it is almost over and it's a short month. uhg. Also, CSE midterm next week and 3 posters for design due in 2 weeks.

And still I would like to do this poster thing cause doing an illustrative poster is really more my kind of thing than any of the other stuff I'm suppose to be doing this month. Not that I'd get the commission or that I'd have time to do it. It would just be really fun. And also kinda funny cause the contact for that is one of the people on our advisory committee for the banner projects. She'd probably tell me to just focus on the banner. But the commission for the poster is also like twice as much as the banner stuff. And last year's poster was lame. It was like some doofy mermaid thing. Mermaids have nothing to do with the u-district street fair. I suppose I should at least try. The worst can do is not give me more things to worry about.

Went to a TIG welding demo for aluminum today, even though I'm doing mine in steel. I always though welding was done with a big ass flame kinda like saudering, but it's not! it's just like electric currents! That science shit is so crazy. Afterwards we all tried it out. I suck. But supposedly steel is like tons easier and i get to learn that tomorrow. Unfortunately the big steel supplier is like a half an hour drive from Seattle, up in Everett, and I have no car. Perhaps my brother would be kind enough to take me.. next weekend? I kinda hate how my entire week is pretty much useless because I'm not home till like 6 every day. No time to get anything done.

Also, Emerald City Comic Con is this weekend. I don't really read very many comics*, but I really like some of them. I just think it'd be kinda interesting to go cause I've never been to something that dorky before. I mean, the zine convention was just this little thing and it was fantastic. So my bro and I are going to try and make it down there tomorrow or Sunday.

Keeping busy will probably be a good thing. It'll keep my mind off the whole loveless aspect of my Feb...

well.. that was rambly. time to program. whee!

* I really hate superhero comics and shit like that, but I love the non cheezy stuff. especially when it's drawn really well.

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