Oh sweet Friday

Oh.. how I love you dearest Friday. Your welcoming arms. Your sexy gentle sloping curves leading to pleasant sluggishness. I'm so glad it's Friday.

I'd really just like to go to sleep. It's been a really draining sort of week.

Meeting with the book store lady to show her my model went pretty well today. She's so super friendly, open and enthusiastic about the banner project. She even offered us the event space for a little pre-instilation reception type thing. And she offered to print up flyers about the project and stuff in case people came into the store asking about them. I'm glad I don't have one of the other, more difficult clients. I've also decided to be done with the logo for design. They're not due till tuesday, but I think I'm just tired of looking at it. So looks like this weekend is making a nice final model (cause I've made yet another set of changes) of the banner and programming. whee!

I'm supposedly going to be playing at Trabant's open mic on Monday... but I don't think I really want to. I don't have any particular desire to sing my dumb little song in front of a room full of strangers. And yet I say I'd like to be in a band? I think if I ever got around to really making music I'd be much happier with a laptop and a synth or something. I'm just afraid I'll have a sort of panic attack and explode or something. I don't do perfomances. It will probably go fine, but the anxiety kills me. I suppose I should also practice this weekend. I haven't played my guitar in like a month.

There's a guy in my CSE class that looks like the lovechild of Chip and Jeremy. It always weirds me out cause from the corner of my eye I keep thinking I see either Chip or Jeremy.

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