Today a kid in my sculpture class said I LOOKED like a VCD kid. I asked him why and he was like, VCD kids are more clean cut. And they usually have cool glasses. I thought it was kinda funny cause most of them are. I mean, yeah I love my glasses... but clean cut? I don't think anyone's ever associated me with being clean cut, though I think I'm sort of turning more and more into that. How scary...

I'm really excited for our final design project. We're doing a two 18x24 posters for an imaginary literacy conference. And we can basicly do whatever we want with them. We even get to make up our own title and theme and all. So much freedom it blows my mind.

exactly one month till Judgement Day...and the end of the quarter. damn this is going fast.

currently listening to: Zach's mix. ( such fabulous musical taste )


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