an open letter

Dear Assignment #6

I hate you with a passion of a 1000 suns. You've ruined my whole fucking weekend. I shouldn't care this much about you, as you are a mere 20 points of my life. And in the whole scheme of things, you're not really all that important. But constantly getting stuck and progressing at the speed of a snail pisses the hell out of me and makes me feel like a dumb ass cause I'm sure it's not that difficult. I would give up on you but I know if I can't figure this out I'll be officially screwed for the rest of the quarter. Fuck you for making me angry, irritable, and depressed all weekend. Fuck you for making me spend hours of this beautiful beautiful weekend in front of a goddamn computer just banging my head on the fucking table. I don't need this shit. You're not worth the trouble. I'm gonna go draw damn it.

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