mmmm. drugs & music.

I think I'm just going to have to give up on it. Been taking pain killers to get rid of the killer headaches, so I'm feeling fine now. plus! I got some music (bringing my total to a mere 29.9 gigs) from work today:

The Arcade Fire (Funeral) , Bjork (Homogenic), The Decemberists (Five Songs), Elliott Smith ( From a Basement on the Hill), Green Day ( American Idiot ), Incubus ( A crow left of the murder ), The Kinks ( Village Green Preservation Society), Lamb (s/t), and Pete Yorn (Music for the Morning After).

So i should be set for a while, especially since I still haven't really exhaused all the stuff from zach.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention we went to Lazer Zepplin a few nights ago, which was pretty cool. Lazer shows are trippy and weird, though prolly more so when we went to the Pink Floyd one.

Ok. I need to not look at a computer for a long while.

currently listening to: The Arcade Fire


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