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I think i really need a good break. I feel like I've just been super stressed out about everything lately which is weird cause I'm usually pretty mellow. Maybe my body isn't use to the stress cause I think I'm getting sick or something. I hate taking medicine but I've taken painkillers just about every day this week. And I had an unexplainable breakdown after class today. I don't even know why. Probably a mix of lack of sleep (<4 hours last night), frustration, physical exhaustion, ennui, and all that good stuff. It's just been a really draining couple of days I guess.

but, good things:

-this Barenaked Ladies album is suprisingly nice. I've always thought that they were just sorta okay cause I had only heard the radio songs and was always kinda skeptical about them for some reason. I was like that with Dido for a while, till I actually got her cd and fell in love with her. But yeah, nice.

-Five Songs makes me loves the Decemberists even more. The lyrics are just so great. Each song is so like a little story that I never get tired of listening to. Even when they're just about things like a stolen bicycle named Madeline.

-Today was my registration day and I was up at like 6 am anyways. It's nice when having to wake up early for different things happen at the same time cause at least i don't have to get up early later. As of now, I'm signed up for South East Asian Civilization, Social Problems, and Comparative Politics. I'm really hoping that I'll have to drop the last two. And replace them with the next 2 VCD classes. especially cause I'm not really that excited for the poly-sci class. it's more like, "eh, i don't know much about world governments. maybe i should just to be more well rounded." Social problems was more like a consolation prize cause Murder (soc) and Death (antro) are both full. Hm. I sound so morbid. and I've given up on getting into a communications class. They fill like...um.. something that fills up really fast. My bladder after I have a mocha? I dunno.

-I'm going to bed early tonight.

currently listening to: The Decemberists


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