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Me at the central library. I absolutely LOVE the 4th floor cause it's ALL red. well, mostly. some parts are an orangy color and some parts are sorta magenta i guess, but it's pretty much red. It's so surreal. It's like being in this sexy futuristic place. If I were to shoot a music video, I'd want to do it at the library. We went down there today so I could shoot some pics for my poster project.

I think I'm done with my sculpture, just cause I'm tired of working on it. Not really happy with how it turned out. Every one else's is SO much cooler than mine, but whatever. I don't have the energy or time to work on it anymore. Gonna spend most of tommorrow at the art building's computer lab. whee.

I have had the most unhealthy week ever. So much so-bad-its-good food. But I've also been walking all over the place so hopefully it all balences out.

hmm. I think I'm hungry again...


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