The animation show was so fantastic. They were all so impressive and made me go "what the fuck am I doing here?" THAT is what I really want to be doing. Not designing lame posters for an imaginary literacy conference where I'm not allowed to be "cartoony." I mean, yeah it's kinda interesting, and better than the available alternatives here... but a good part of me feels like I really don't belong here though I have no idea where I really do belong. Not sure there even is such a magical dream place where I'd feel at home. Perhaps certain parts of California? I wonder why people seem to associate Cali with so much opportunity and stuff. Left over gold rush-esqe mindset? Dunno. I'd up and leave but I just can't. I'm always leaving cause I'm a quitter, so I feel like I should try sticking to something for a while. Also cause I know changing scenery never really changes anything, even though I always like to think it does.

one week for sculpture.
two and a half more weeks till Judgment Day.

currently listening to: Barenaked Ladies


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