peg leg

When I woke up this morning my calf was in so much pain it hurt to just move it. It felt like the muscles were clenching on to something with all its might and I ended up hobbling off all awkward cause walking made it worse. my first thought was "omg, what if I have MS?" not that I really know what MS is like. I just remembered those commercials of the woman who had different parts of her body in chains cause they didn't work or something.

Eventually I figured it was probably just strained from all the walking and building etc.

Apparently sculpture is a good workout for me (even if it hurts). Walking half an hour to and from the metal arts building, lugging around steel, all that good stuff. All I have to do is paint it now. I don't know how the hell i'm going to get it 8 feet in the air considering I can barely lift it off the ground enough to move it.

I'm really just procrastinating. anything but work on my poster. I was so excited for this final poster project, but it's turning out to suck majorly. how do you represent multi-lingualism and literacy without being cheesy and cliche? I can't think of anything good and quickly losing interest. And of course this is like the major final project.

The quarter is SO almost over i can taste it. or maybe that's just the pita chips. or the taste of a thursday coming up? (emad use to claim that not only were the-hers-days for the ladies, they tasted like metal... thursdays. not ladies.)

also decided that "I found a dinosaur in my pajama drawer" would make a good title for something. Dunno what. book. song. something. i just like the sound of it.

I am always suprised when people ask for my phone number.

I'm having major doubts about VCD.

currently listening to: Air ( The Vagabond sounds kinda like a Beck song )


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