I am such a dumb ass. And this entry will make me sound like I'm 12. but whatever. I have my laptop with me to work on programming homework. so naturally, blogging is what I'll use it for..

I'm sitting in the HUB eating lunch and Matthew (one of the guys in my design class) is kinda walking towards me. Unfortunately my my thought process has just as short of an attention span as me:

"Oh! This would be a good opportunity to be social. You kinda like him and talk to him in class, you should wave him over or at least say hello! Geez, I can't believe I'm going to finish this whole sandwich. I mean, everytime I get one of these I only get about 75% through. Wait! you're suppose to say hello! Man, I must be really really hungry or something. I wonder if I can finish my salad too. Maybe it's from all this walking I've been doing lately. Stop thinking about your lunch! But I am really impressed that I can eat this whole thing. Oh damn it, it's too late. He's already sat down and put on his headphones. Actually, I'm sure I can finish my salad too."

Of course he ended up sitting at the table right in front of me. So the whole time I'm just going back and forth between maybe waving at him and being impressed at my eating skills. I don't know if he saw me. I'm assuming he did but probably thought I was just ignoring him or something (hopefully not). When in reality my thought process just never quite made it to the follow through phase. But I feel bad. I don't want him to think I've got some issues with him where I can't even be bothered to say hi.

I realize all of this is pretty ridiculous but apparently that's just how things work in my head. This probably explains why it's so hard for me to approach people or be the one to initiate conversation.

Oh well. I did manage to finish everything on my plate & in my glass though, which makes me feel all proud and stuff. I don't really know why. It's not like eating is a very difficult task or anything.

Anyways. I guess I should actually work on the program now, though I'm actually still hungry...


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