Happy 311 Day!

Well, now it's the 12th i guess, but since I havent gone to bed yet, I'll pretend it's still 311. So.. done with classes! Still have tons of stuff to do in the next couple of days, but whatever. Today was pretty and has been quite possibly one of the best last days of class ever:

When I opened up my package I found an adorable little teddy bear with a cute litte red bow. And when you press his little paw it says " Hi, I'm gonna fuckin kill you." He's super fantastic! If it was from anyone other than Kev I'd probably be a little creeped out. Now I can sleep with Mr. Bear (my old polar bear) and Kev ( via Jason the homicidal bear) every night.

Work was splendid. Cake. Chips. Dip. Punch. Juice. Brownies. Yay free food & good times, although apparently I'm going to have to come in a few times durring break... Between Maryland and Vancouver.. and after Vancouver. So they gave me keys and made me feel important. Scott's also apparently named me the successor to the Ad Manager Throne cause I'm the youngest and people are slowly starting to graduate off. Though it will still be a while (at least a year) before that happens. Just sort of a weird thought cause I'm not really a managerial type.

We totally got a bunch of the sculpture, including mine, up tonight too! Although all I did was carry stuff and hold ladders. It's so crazy seeing that thing up there. I really didn't think it would ever make it. Feels so damn good to actually be able to SEE it in it's final place. Too bad it's a piece of crap and is probably going to rust like hell at the first sight of rain cause it's already rusting. It was kinda fun putting them all up though. A lot of the people walking by thought we were pulling a prank or doing like performance art. I mean, 9 pm, college kids in hard hats, with ladders, yelling "I need more balls! All I've got are the nuts!" I'm sure it looked kinda strange. And then we got to ride down the street in the back of the big truck, when all the drunks on the Ave cheered at us.

good times.

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