yay! thursday!

YAY! That huge empty store front on the corner of 45th and the Ave is going to be an American Apparel store! Opening on the 29th! I'm so excited! Look at all these excamation marks! *

YAY! Potluck lunch at work tomorrow!

YAY! Lots of children's books in different languages from the library!

YAY! Hummus! Cinnimin (thats spelled wrong, isnt it) raisin bagels! Strawberries! Chai!

YAY! Payday!

YAY! Package slip!

YAY! 1.48/2.63 gigs! that's more than 50%!

YAY! Pretty pretty quad in bloom!

quad squad

*I've probably ranted about this before, but I really do love their stuff. It's all so soft and fits so well. And they're socially responsible and they don't print their logos on their stuff. It's kinda weird how I've come to love the un-branded brand so much. So yeah, when I get back from spring break that's probably where the rest of my money is going.

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