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As this last week progresses my motivation to work on anything decreases more and more, which is probably pretty bad since this last part of the quarter's like the more important part or soemthing. I just cant seem to get myself back in that mode.

anyways, I thought I'd share this..

SXSW( as many of you probably know) is this HUGE music and film festival down in Texas that's starting in a few days. Mostly showcasing up and coming, innovative, stuff. I 've been wanting to go for years, at least ever since my sister told me about it. But it's REALLY expensive. I guess it's more for people in the industry or something, but if it wasn't like $545 to get into the Music section, (a mere $810 to get into everything) I'd totally go sometiem. Cause I mean, I like my music... but over $500 just to get in?? No way.

But! This year, they've put together a huge (2.63 gigs) free 2005 Artist Showcase Collection.There's over 750 full-length, high-quality mp3s, available as a BitTorrent file here. I'm downloading it right now... so in about 3 days I should have lots of new music. yay! Anyways, I don't really understand how BitTorrent works except for the fact that being connected to more peers is good and makes things go faster. So yeah, just thought I'd mention it incase anyone was interested...

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