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Winter quarter 2005 is officially over for jayne!

It finally rained today, just in time for the big reception at the Wilsonian, which I'm not going to. My sculpture is probably 75% rust now. I'm afraid to even go look at it...

The CSE final probably could have gone better, but considering I spent my "study time" watching The Incredibles and reading Voices, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I really really really LOVE Jack-Jack. He is the coolest baby EVER.


I got in! I'm officially a VCD kid! it feels weird to actually HAVE a major now, to not be "undecided" or "in the process." I've also decided the Motion Graphics is totally where it's at. I started getting interested last quarter, but I've been reading tween, which is fantastic, for the past few weeks and now I think I'm totally set on doing it. It's like design + animation + music.

Our VCD program doesnt really do motion graphics stuff, which kinda sucks i guess. But that just means I'll have to figure it out on my own. I've decided my next for-jayne-project will be a music video for my one hit wonder P.B. Mc Apple.

Also, Are You Popular?

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