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Washington D.C. has lots of free museums and a rather impressive art collection at the National Art Gallery. Something I probably only realized this time since I've been forced to take art history classes. I guess it makes me feel cultured or something though. Twas a pleasant day trip, but I didn't have time to do much other than stroll through some of the museums and walk around. One day is definately not enough time to be anywhere. But it was still nice. Trains are cool.

I've been doin a lotta thinking the past couple of days which is nice. I guess when I'm really busy I don't really hear myself but during breaks I get to sort of regroup.


I totally HAVE TO go to ALL of these.

April 15-17
BY DESIGN 05, w/special guest Pablo Ferro

-April 15, Fri at 7:30pm
Quick Cuts and Split Screens: An Evening with Pablo Ferro
Special Guest Pablo Ferro in person!

-April 16, Sat 12-4pm
Collage Workshop w/Pablo Ferro

- April 16, Sat at 5pm
Seattle Moves (screening + discussion)
...Seattle's leading designers of title sequences and commercial graphics for this special forum. Guests from Flying Spot, Digital Kitchen and Fad

- April 16-17, Sat at 8pm, Sun at 9pm
Entropy: New Shorts and Music Videos

- April 17, Sun at 7pm
Best of ByDesign: Five Years of Entropy
...work by Mike Mills, Ryan McGinness, Rodney Ascher, Shynola, Yoshimasa Ishibashi, and others.

(full details here )


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