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We saw Sin City last night. I wasn't really interested in going but it was pretty good for a based on graphic novel movie. I've never seen so many guys get shot/punched/kicked/hatcheted/hurt in the nuts. It was also nice how they were all about beating the shit out of misogynists. That made me happy. I think it'd be intereseted to see a movie based on a comic that wasn't about being super or beating the shit out of people. Like Blankets. That could be cool. especially if they kept in most/all the art or incorporated it into live action some how. I mean, there's already a soundtrack to it. And with 300 pages of drawings, the story board is pretty much figured out.

Horray for new music: Beck, Decemberists, Doves, Bloc Party, The Faint, Tegan & Sara, and a buncha other stuff.

and Sam & Max!

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