BD05 craziness!

Fun weekend craziness!

Pablo Ferro was the cutest little old guy with the most gorgeously long red scarf. So gorgeous that I came home and immediately drew a picture of him in his scarf.

The panel of local motion design companies ( Digital Kitchen, Flying Spot, and Fad) was really great. Lot of good questions and a lot of optomistic but honest answers that made me feel all motivated and stuff. I really like how when someone asked about advice on how to get into the field they were mostly like "you just have to REALLY want it." That's my favorite kind of advice. The stuff that's sorta just along the lines of "I gotta believe!" as opposed to things my design profs tell us. I mean, maybe my profs are more realistic but 75% of their advice just makes me totally pessimistic and depressed about the future. And considering I actually don't like the stuff my profs make, but I love the stuff by these other people, I'm going to chose to believe in the others. The first set of videos were pretty cool too.

And Jeb's party was pretty interesting for my first "real" college party. Lots of pretty boys and girls who like boys and girls, respectively. And I of course, not being a social butterfly, just spent most of the night around Peter & Riley and not mingling, which I suppose sorta defeats the purpose of going to social events. I did discover I can only drink stuff that's fruit flavored. Oh well. Makes me really miss Chip's parties and his pool, trampoline, ping pong, video games, cards, fun dorky stuff.

Sun: The second set of videos wasn't AS cool as the first, but they were pretty good too and included the Rapture video below.

I've decided to spend this summer learning only 2 main things: Japanese and Adobe After Effects. I figure that if I spend all my summer free time just making stuff (hopefully a cool video) instead of buying shit and going to expensive things I don't really need a summer job, which is cool, cause I just really wanna work on doing art stuff not for school. stuff for jayne.

watch: Rapture's House of Jealous Lovers (One of my favorite vidoes from this weekend, which is kinda funny cause it's also the one that looks the most low tech. Like there's all these other cool computery looking ones, but I still like the cut and paste style. Shynola is so cool.)
listen: United State of Electronica! I love them so much I actually bought their CD today, and it totally kicks so much ass.


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