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This is probably more personal than blog worthy, but I feel like typing anyways.

I think the last time I've gotten really upset because of a teacher was in chemistry, like 3 years ago. The Scheurman Incident, which was actually pretty ridiculous (especially since chem is pretty useless to me now). So it's kinda weird that 3 years later the teacher that got me really upset actually really reminds me of Mr. Scheurman, aside from the tight pants and big belt buckle. But yeah, the only thing I hate more than people seeing me cry is teachers seeing me cry. (not that teachers aren't people...but in my world they exist in a sort of seperate sphere or something) Especially when it's about something really stupid and not worth getting that upset over.

I'm pretty sure a lot of it has to do with chemistry though. not highschool chem... like brain chemistry or something. Because it's been like clockwork all year, every month around the 19th -20th. He just happened to be the trigger this time. But I don't think I remember being like this before. Maybe it has but i just cant remember cause I dont keep track very well.

I also really hate the art vs. design thing, and how design is not art, which my prof went on about for like 20 minutes today (this is unrelated to the stuff above). How it's about communicating ideas, but not self expression. How we will never make art. It's not even a debate really, art and design do exist in pretty different spheres because they have different purposes, although there may be a little venn diagram action in there. But the it's bothersome how the two seem to fight.* I mean, I understand it. I actually never really liked the idea of going into design before. I basicly just saw it as something for people who couldn't draw. I still don't think I belong in design (although I cant really draw realisticly either, so maybe i do). I just don't understand why the two cant just get along. What would be so bad about actually making it about self expression? If anything that would make the expressing even more clear.

"...at some point i realized i should just take those ideas and apply them to things I care about, take like personal things, emotional things, and apply them using that process in graphics and pushing those graphics to be clear" -Geoff McFetridge

I suppose I should get back to writing my paper...

watch: Royksopp Poor Leno
listen: The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack


At 4/22/2005 1:24 PM, Anonymous christina said...

do you still write in a "hand journal"?

otherwise... i don't see why a blog shouldn't be personal. but .. that's just me.

At 4/23/2005 8:30 AM, Blogger Zach said...

I've never really seen anyone say that about design vs. art but I can totally understand how they could be kept separate. Interesting.

What I really wanted to comment about is... POOR LENO!!! :)


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