upgrade, yo

I'm "relocating" again.

I do still love you Blogger, hopefully we can still be friends. I'll still visit and wear my blogger t-shirt proudly. I'm just moving on up to Wordpress, which has to be a good +10 dork points or something. Wordpress with its sexy categories, pages, and other cool little things.

anyways, if you still feel like keeping up for some odd reason:




dude. widgets are so damn sexy. so is my new jacket from american apparel.

oh, and we've figured out what I'm going to be for halloween already:

Brutus the Uterus

Uterus is such a weird lookin word..

listen: Pink Panther's Penthouse Party



i'm going to be 20 in less than a month! so crazy!

I don't usually make wishlists, but it's something to keep me from being productive so i think I'll make one just for fun.

Ramen only diet
• snail mail
• Something handmade. (really doesn't matter what*)
• A kick ass mix (always a good time for a mix)
• Sustenance: Oranges, Cantaloupe, Avacados

• Screen printing supplies (i wanna start doin it this summer)
• CDs: Of Montreal, Royksopp, The Concretes, Camera Obscura, other things i don't have...
• Blankets by Craig Thompson (i dunno why i havent bought it yet)
• American Apparel stuff. (women's large/men's small...the boycut undies are highly coveted)

Sugar daddy/mommy
• BIKE! (i really need a bike)
• Giant stuffed tiger from the Mac store
• Wacom pen tablet
• G5 (so i can look at the internet better)

Hmm. I thought there was more... Maybe I'll add stuff later. Kinda funny though, cause of that whole list the first "circle" of things would probably make me the happiest. I mean, the rest is cool shit and all, but i dunno. although, if someone sent me a G5 in the mail, i think I'd just explode with joy.

I'm in the process of possibly switching over to wordpress. it's all set up but i dunno, i'm still working on it.

*as long as it's not like a bust made of starbursts or something, that's just weird.

listen: my lusty dance mix.


stop muppeting yourself

• we get into the most ridiculous battles ever. but whatever, i totally muppeted peter. I don't win battles very often, so i cherish my victories, even if they are ridiculous. I also really like how muppet sounds when it's been verbified.

• my favorite shirt is this black collared button up 1/2 sleeve. i call it my sexy shirt, cause it makes me feel especially narcissistic. and because it has this tendancy to unbutton itself in non-stripping-time situations, like while eating lunch or muppeting. i suppose its kinda nice to know i have a shirt that's easy to get off should i ever have the need for sudden nakedness or something. but for now, it's just sort of annoying. not that i really care, i just don't like unexpected breezyness.

• i am so done with being in school. well, not really. I've still got 2 years to go and all, but im just tired of the academic world right now. i just dont care enough about any of my classes to really focus on anything.

• "option 8" is one of my favorite key combo/shortcuts ever. also a good name for something... although not as good as "dinosaur in my pajama drawer"

listen: zach's party people mix! Oh how I love a good mix, especially when they include good cheesy music that makes me flex my "Pop-tastic dance muscles "!


meet joy.

Bono love
Originally uploaded by rangergirl13.
my sis & bro in law were here a weekend ago. here's a pic of her... getting a kiss from Bono (of U2) while she was here in Seattle. crazy, huh?


motivate me

I've got the mid-quarter slump going on. Motivation to do anything pretty much totally gone.

so... here's a picture of my gerbil.

listen: Devendra Banhart


movin on up

Yay, I have a place to live after June! We finally settled on a new place that we all pretty much like. I'm happy cause it's closer to campus, the rooms are bigger (and more even), there's a balcony, and i can paint on the walls! Peter's friend from Cali is movin up so we're splitting off, but not too far. The boys will be right across the hall, just like in Friends... crazy.

so excited!

also, I'm not really into the big radio station super fests any more ( after those Pointfests in St.Louis, i was pretty much done). But..... this Endfest thing falling right on my birthday...you know, I would not be opposed to someone spending the day in a lawn listening to some music with me. mainly Interpol, Hot Hot Heat, The Caesars, Tegan & Sara, and The Lashes (who I've never actually heard play, but I use to work with 2 of the guys in the band when i was at MJM, so I feel like I should hear them at least once...) I also would not be opposed to someone giving me a ride, seeing as how its down in Auburn...

listen: The Caesars. Jerk it out. took me so long to figure out (or have someone tell me) i knew it from the iPod shuffle ad...

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