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my rice is sadly sub-par tonight. I think its too dry. and i made 3x more than i needed. can you already tell this is going to be a pointless rant? im just in the mood to type.

The Beta Band's "Heroes to Zeroes" is a REALLY REALLY beautiful album. It's my new love. I listen to it going to work and coming home. and when im at home. It just fills me with gooey inner peace. or something like that.

I still really like my job, even though sometimes we end up staying later than we should to get things done. I did really like the predictability of calling hours at The Old Job. But it's alright with me cause im paid hourly anyways... (hmm. Im so excited to get a paycheck again...) Plus I really like that i don't deal with surly customers or come home smelling like food or with physical fatigue or anything. Of course i still haven't actually experienced the rigor of the daily aspect. Lets just hope I can keep at it for like more than a couple of months. I know with my attention span that's asking a lot, but i'll try. Hopefully the next time i get a job it'll be like a "real" one or something.

the "dawg daze" thing started this week. basicly activities and stuff for freshmen and to kick off the school year or something. They had a bunch of stuff (free games, bands, movies, etc) going on but I didn't really stay for much of it. The only band i had any interest in seeing was United State of Electronica. Haven't heard any of there stuff, but ive heard a bit about them. But work ran late and I missed em, although i could hear a bit from where we were. (our building is pretty close to the HUB). I caught a bit of Something Corporate but got kinda bored and left. I dont know why. I don't particularly dislike them or anything. Just wasn't really into it. I also felt a bit out of place since the majority of the people there were new students. Not that im all that much older than them. It just didn't feel quite like it did last year. We were going to see Super Size Me tonight, but apparently I couldn't find the free passes for it. and there were way too many people waiting for the free pool and bowling. Ah well.

what can I make with all my rice? hmm. maybe i'll try to make some rice pudding. never done it before... but it can't be that hard right? there are like a ton of recipes for it online.

only 1 more day of summer left...


watching. just watching.

My head is going to explode. I feel like i've just been watching so much stuff this past week. First couple of days it was the Paranoia Agent series. Then Perfect Blue, Ghost in the Shell, Freaks, Ghost in the Shell 2, and then Sonic Acts and Moog tonight. (It looks like I'm on an anime kick or something. I'm really not.) And probably some other stuff in between. I dont remember. Granted they were all quality movies, and I really enjoyed them. But it hurts my brain, especially on top of all the TV which I don't usually watch much of to start. I just feel like i already really need to start doing more stuff again.

The movies tonight made me antsy as I watched just cause all I wanted to do was go home and make weird electronic music after just the first couple of minutes. I have a strange affinity for documentaries about amazing ordinary people. I have no real interest in super heroes. or wizzards. or space warriors. or actors in general i guess. I dont know.. most of the movies I watch leave me either emotionally unstable or apathetic afterwards, and i usually end up regretting wasting my life on them. Stories about real people make me want to do things.

I also have a strange affinity for strangers, even though they usually make my shy factor kick in x10. I like the variety and novelty of new personalities i guess.

Of course it's late and im tired and my tummy hurts so i dont know what the hell im talking about either.


working girl

The new job is so much better than my last two. Maybe it's because we're working on the orientation issue so it's not so rushed but it seems pretty easy so far. of course ive only been there like 2 days. but most of the time the ads have been made by the advertisers and i just have to like save and print them. although sometimes I actually do stuff too obviously. But it's not exactly grueling work. The only thing that's kind of annoying is the fact that for some reason the programs like to quit when i try to save things. I'd get a lot more done if i didn't have to re do everything 5 times. It's weird though, cause we've got like G5s, which are suppose to be amazing and everything, right? but from what I can tell they're not. maybe cause there's just so much stuff on it or something. i dunno. anyways. its nice.



hmm. seems i haven't updated in a few days. odd. well... im too tired to really ramble, so here's the sparky.

-been watching Paranoia Agent. It's really cool.
-moved into the apartment!
-P & R moved in
-started working

maybe i'll elaborate more later. g'night.


Accordion Man

Accordion Man
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I've just discovered holga cameras. well, i've heard about them but this is the first time ive actually seen pictures taken by these toy cameras and now i'm totally in love with them. i don't know what it is about the pictures. they just have such a surreal vibe to them. i could try replicating the effect on my digital but it wouldn't be the same. i must have one!



i am terribly addicted to flickr. it's ridiculous. but i mean, how could i not be? what could be better than reading about people's lives? seeing pictures of it. very little mental work. i can even slideshow things so they flip automatically. it doesn't matter that i don't actually know most of the people on there. pictures are like little chunks of people's life. i don't know why i'm so curious about other people. and i end up clicking all over the place ending up on someone's blog then on a link and yeah, this is how im spending my last days of my summer vacation. pathetic huh? I suppose i actually have another couple of weeks till summer's officially over for me. but for some reason it feels like being at home is my only real break time. maybe because i dont spend any money here. little worried about moving into the apartment. don't really know why. it should be fine.

mini iLeader

mini iLeader: proof that mac people are crazy. and cool. it's a GI JOE doll dressed up as Apple founder Steve Jobs. touring the world. kinda like amelie's gnome. so great. i think i want to make a little touring doll thing.



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oh im so terribly spoiled and awful!! my old shoes are pretty ratty now so i was in the market for some new ones. but i didn't really need two new pairs. but i couldn't make up my mind. i hate buying shoes cause it always takes me forever to find any i actually like.

the vans feel a bit nicer but i like the colors on the pumas better. but overall i like them both. i was taking so long to decide my dad got tired of waiting and just got me both of them. i wish making choices was always like that...

so yeah. now i feel really shallow and spoiled and everything. but at least i have new shoes! i suppose i can also cut myself some slack since it's not like im one of those girls with a closet full of shoes. i pretty much only wear one pair. at least now they shouldn't get worn down so fast...

poster contest

"Provided you can replace the female figure with a non-gender one, we would like to use your design for an ad in the student newspaper. If you can have the revised design back to us within a week, we would like to award you a SECOND PLACE prize of $50."

so, that's pretty cool. like that flipbook contest, they weren't originally going to have a second place prize but they're willing to shell out more cash (1st is $100) cause they still wanna use my design. i think that's rather nice of them.

i actually knew the gender thing was probably going to be an issue when i submitted it, but i liked it as a girl, so i submitted it anyways. but now i have to make it like androgenous. or at least more ambiguous, which is a lot harder than it should be. i mean, im all about the girly boys and boyish girls so it shouldn't be a problem for me. plus it's really just like an outline of a figure so it's not like i have to worry about facial stuff. but it's a sorta 3/4 view.

so there's the whole breast issue. stupid boobs. i mean, sure there are girls who are flat or guys who have man boobs. but it's hard to find a real happy middle ground. especially when flat girls are usually super skinny and boob men are a lot bigger. it also would have been fine if i could have had the figure in something baggy. but i need the upper arm exposed. the whole quasi-boob thing makes everything look awkward. erg. i'll just do what i can...



i watched Serendipity again just cause it was on tv tonight. and i love john cusack. he's currently on my lets make babies list (which is far from complete). dunno why, he's just cool. anyways it's not really amazing but its good in a "oh lets forget about any shred of reality and pretend romantic comedies reflect the way our lives actually are" kind of way.

but its just kinda funny that i happened to come across such a fate-centric movie, especially since i don't turn on the tv very often, cause it's been a sort of fate themed week. starting off with peter's mini anti-fate rant a week ago.

so naturally i feel like i have to do a little fate rant of my own, kinda in response to peter's cause i feel like it..

if you're bored, my fate rant is here . im trying to keep the main blog from getting overloaded by dividing things up a bit.

sorry, i'm a gemini.

"Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is dual-natured, elusive, complex and contradictory. On the one hand it produces the virtue of versatility, and on the other the vices of two-facedness and flightiness. The sign is linked with Mercury, the planet of childhood and youth, and its subjects tend to have the graces and faults of the young. Like children they are lively, and happy, if circumstances are right for them, or egocentric, imaginative and restless. They take up new activities enthusiastically but lack application, constantly needing new interests, flitting from project to project as apparently purposelessly as a butterfly dancing from flower to flower. To them life is a game which must always be full of fresh moves and continuous entertainment, free of labor and routine. Changing horses in the middle of the stream is another small quirk in the Gemini personality which makes decision making, and sticking to a decision, particularly hard for them.

In love they are fickle, not intentionally so but because of the basic inconsistency of their emotional nature, which has an amoral aspect to it. Their is a side to Geminians which can become deeply involved emotionally, and another, hostile to sentimentality, which stands back from a romantic situation, laughing at it and the protagonists in it, including themselves while analyzing it intellectually. Gemini subjects take nothing seriously. So, in love, in spite of their temporary depth of feeling, for the intensity of involvement lasts only while it is new, they are superficial, light-hearted, cool, flirtatious and unimaginative in the understanding of the pain they may give others. They like intrigue, the excitement of the chase, but once they have caught the prey, they lose interest and look around for the next creature to pursue. In less serious situations they make witty, entertaining companions, good acquaintances rather than friends."



horray! i sucessfully recruited 5+ people to flikr, which is cool in itself, but it also means i get a cool free pro account for a couple months! so yeah, im going to be taking lots and lots and lots of pictures!!! pictures are fun!

ive been super super happy all day today!!!!! look at all these exclimation marks!!!! damn!!!!!

i think it was the avacado. or some of the fruit. i dunno i haven't had any fresh fruit for a few days. been feeling kinda sluggish. but my parents brought some home today and half an avacado, some peaches, some mango, and a few grapes later i'm seriously bouncing off the walls here. this house isn't as big as our last one so running around in it is a lot more difficult. but it can be done.

im also happy cause my mommy cut my hair again. my head feels all nice. i get fussy when my hair feels awkwardly long on parts of my head. i love short hair! so wonderfully managable.


g-mail anyone?

oooooh. I now have six Gmail invitations!

if you too would like to "WRITE THE EMAILS WITH THE POWER OF GOOGLE!" (as emad says) let me know and i'll spread the love.


mr bear!

mr bear!
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it's been a while since i blogged a photo. i havent taken too many pictures lately but i feel like posting a photo anyways just cause. so enjoy this portrait of my lovely mr. bear.


not that anyone really cares but...

haloscan is a nice little comment system, which apparently also has this trackback thing. i have no idea how to really use trackbacking. ive read the faq and all that about it, but it just doesn't make any sense to me. or i guess i dont really understand why you'd need it. or what it does. or how to get rid of it...

anyways, haloscan is nice cause it allows comments from anyone.

as oppose to only people who are signed up with a particular service (ie blogger, xanga, etc..). I was using it on my everyday-art site (which i abandoned about 28 days later..) and meant to move it over here. not that it really matters if people comment or not, but i just think it's nice to be able to.

so yeah, feel free. or continue to read in anonymity. whatever.


mmm.. movies/music

so i finally got around to seeing garden state tonight. definately the best movie ive seen this summer, although the only thing sive really seen this summer were dodgeball and napolean dynomite, both of which i didn't really like at all. oh, i watched millenium actress with my bro this summer too, which was very good. and i saw a pirated copy of Hero a couple days before it came out, which i thought was okay. it was very pretty, but i wasnt too into it story wise for some reason...

so i guess my top summer movies were garden state and millenium actress. im not sure which i liked better. like, garden state was good but i think the fact that it had good music is what made me really like it. although millenium actress did have cool music too. i suppose they're two very different movies so i shouldnt really compare them...

but yeah, GS seemed a little awkward at some points but gets bonus points for the good soundtrack. im really glad the shins are gonna get lotsa publicity from it. i kinda wish they used the postal service version of 'such great heights' but i guess it wouldnt have really fit the mood or something.

and apparently music really does effect me cause the second that frou frou song came on it tugged at my hearstrings and made me cry. it wasnt really what was going on on screen...i dont know what it is about that song. theres something in that really breathy voice and the build up and everything that like.. makes me all emotional in a good weird way. there are other songs that do that to me too. i dont know why. is it weird that music actually makes me cry sometimes? i want the soundtrack, but i already have half the songs on it so it seems kinda silly. definately getting frou frou once im off my cd fast though.

cheap furnishings

we went down to ikea yesterday which was much nicer than it was last weekend cause there werent a million and a half people there. picked up my bed, 3-drawer cabnet thing, a computer chair, a lamp, and a mousepad. all for less than the price of just a bed, which would have taken 5 weeks to get, from the other places we looked at before.

also got my super super comfy mattress from this place that like resells floor models or something. i feel like i should care that im not getting a brand new mattress... but i dont. an ikea mattress would have cost just as much and would have been 10x less comfortable.

and gonna be using my bro's old drawing table as a desk. and now im all set for apartmenty goodness.

its kinda werid how im so thrifty when it's not even my money. i kept having to stop my parents from buying me nicer stuff. mainly because i think that money could be better spent buying me other stuff. like a new pen tablet, which i think i'll be getting soon. it would keep me entertained for hours and hours and hours...

i also think its kinda funny that my parents thought goodwill was overpriced cause they picked up half of their decorations and stuff from garage sales all summer.

we're so cheap.



so... i really dont like deviant art. i dont know what is about it, but i just dont like it. but after looking through some people's really pretty vector stuff on there i was lured in. i just signed up for an account because im getting lazy and it looks like it's gonna be the easiest way to post my drawings and stuff. i could just use flickr i suppose, but i sorta wanna keep that all photos. but yeah:


finally got around to doing that "childrens book" my dads friend sent me to illustrate for him... dont expect to see it at borders any time soon though.. its pretty dumb. so far the only new thing on there is the Pub Birdie thing. although i guess if you havent seen the other two things, they're new to you...

dont really know why i feel like posting my stuff. i guess i just like to share.

i feel like im caving in again.



ive been taking amoxocillin but my throat isn't getting better. well, the right side feels okay now but the left side has decided to pick up the slack. it's kinda weird cause it doesn't feel like sore throats usually feel. at least what i remember of them. it also feels a bit tight like under my jaw. im sure it's not really anything big cause it's only mildly annoying (but that might be cause im on pain killers). but i got online to look for some answers cause i wanna know what the deal is and the internet is good like that. i mean, yeah ive got a doctor living in my house but the internet is like having lots of doctors. one of the problems is none of the symptoms really fit quite right. i mean maybe a little from one thing and a little from another fits. the other problem is internet doctors tell you not only the common causes and effects but also the worst that could happen. sometimes knowing more isn't really very helpful... i wish it would just go away.


high demand.

isra gave me gmail!

i know it's just email, but its still kinda cool. mainly cause its super nice and simple and 1gb of storage. not that i'll ever have that much email since i dont really email very many people these days. but it is nice. im sure i also think it's cool cause it makes me feel kinda special since its like one of those high demand low supply type things. i know it's dumb and geeky. but whatever... yay for gmail. i dont know when i get to invite other people but i want to do it soon. i want to spread the love.

this was such a geeky post.


chest pains

99.9% of the time it doesn't bother me at all. but every once and a while, i see a picture of them that just makes my chest physically hurt. in my head i know its really dumb to react like that, especially after so long. but my chest still acts up. i really wish it didn't... it makes me feel pathetic. but i suppose it's not that unnatural.

dead duck day

well.. im not sure if the duck is dead, but today we found a duck that apparently swallowed a fishing hook type thing and couldnt open his mouth. so my daddy picked it up and took it to some police guy who was supposedly calling some animal people.

and last night i dreamed that i had a stalker. he was beautiful and fun.



bumbershoot today... we didn't really stay for any of the bands. i kinda wanted to see the pres. of the USA and death cab, but the lines were way too long. mostly just walking around and stuff. kinda typical fair-like stuff. seems like ive been to a lot of outdoor fair type things this year, they're starting to lose their magic i think. i might go back tomorrow if my bro can get me a press pass, but there isn't really anyone i really feel like seeing. pedro the lion might be a cool show, but it's kinda late. although i just found out the lashes are gonna be playing tomorrow and im kinda interested in that too, just cause i use to work with two of the band members. i think i missed all the arty stuff. i know its there, like the i heart rummage stuff but we didn't go by any of it. oh well. it wasn't quite as amazing as i hoped it was going to be although i guess it's also about as amazing as i expected. maybe its cause i didnt really get the full experience or something.

also, all you can eat japanese food for dinner, which is cool, even though i really only eat as much as i normally eat anyways, which isn't very much and really not that cost effective. but still cool to be able to eat lots of a la carte type sushi and not have to worry about racking up alot... but they didn't have any mochi ice cream and i'm still craving some. my bro brought his boss to dinner too and she was asking me about what i do and stuff, cause he told her i wanted to be an illustrator and she was all wanting to see some of my work sometime. i told her i dont really have very much. but i actually dont really have any... or at least nothing id really want to show her as samples cause i think my bro made me sound better than i am. i also dont really have much other than cartoons which aren't really even "my" style... i feel like i aught to do more stuff so maybe i can score some freelance work for them... but i just dont really know what to do. maybe i'll do that "children's book" my dad's friend wrote....

i also think i might be getting sick.

ive been employminated!

Also, I totally got the ad design job at The Daily! apparently there are 3 others plus the manager and me on the ad design team, but i think im the only new addition cause he sent out an email to us with schedules and was like introducing me to the others.

my brother* says i'll probably hate it... im sure it's not like an amazing job but whatever. its supposedly a step in the right direction. who knows, maybe after this (plus my intro design classes) i'll get burned out too and end up doing something different.

it can't be much worse than my last job, right? i mean, everyone thinks telemarketing is like the most awful thing ever but it really wasn't bad. i actually kinda liked it and might kinda miss it. mainly because it was so laid back and everything. im not sure how well i'll do in an environment where im expected to actually do things with daily deadlines. honestly makes me a little bit nervous... but in a good and excited sort of way.

the initial schedule (im not sure if it applies for the whole quarter but i would assume so) theyve got worked out for me is also pretty nice.. total of 15 hrs a week i think, which is a good number. although my tuesdays and thursdays are gonna be a little crazy, cause i'll have to go to work before and after my sociology of sexuality class. ive never integrated a work schedule with a class schedule before so it'll be interesting. my mondays and wednesdays have a huge gap between class and work though so thats nice. plus no work on friday-sunday, although he warned me that sometimes (although its rare) i might have to stay later or come in on the weekend if they get near deadline on big issues or something, which i dont really have a problem with. it's not like ive got better things to do. also, according to this schedule i'll be done by 5 (like most normal people) so i'll be able to eat dinner! its kinda sad how happy that makes me, but i really do enjoy eating dinner at a reasonable hour. especially after my last job.

i should probably tell them im not gonna be coming in again, huh. i'll be starting the new job september 20th.

*of course he isn't exactly a real positive kinda guy to begin with.


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isn't he cute?

bright lights

bright lights
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we also went to the evergreen state fair today. it's weird cause i lived in the midwest for 18 years and never went to a state fair type thing like this, but now that im on the west coast i go to one. there was tonsa stuff like carny rides, food, and shows, but the coolest thing was the farm animals, which are a lot bigger in person. I've also decided that goats are one of my new favorite animals. they're really really funny and cool.

this picture reminds me of californication cause of the colors. i love carnival lights.


monks in my living room

monks in my living room
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we had some of the thai monks over today along with some other people. sort of a housewarming, happy aniversary, happy birthday, happy all sorts of things affair. also lotsa food and playing really silly games with shea, my cousin's kid.

queer education.

my parents were whipping out the fancy silver tonight but alas, no poilsh to be found.

luckily, i remembered one of the few episodes ive ever seen of queer eye for the straight guy . they used toothpaste for the guy's silver candle sticks. so im like "omg i saw this on tv it has to work!" and it did.

tv is so educational.

fyi, if someone colors your laptop sreen with a permanant marker toothpaste works for that too. this i learned from my cousin who had to learn the hard way.

its also nice cause then your stuff smells so minty fresh and so clean.

just thought id share, in case you ever need it.



my cousin and her 3 year old daughter are here for the next couple of days. its weird cause when my cousin first met me she was about my age and i was about her daughter's age. she's a cute little kid.... all my siblings hate children. well... i guess my oldest sister doesn't anymore since she's got two of her own now....but i think kids are really funny and refreshing. when they're not being naughty, loud, and annoying of course. im no good with kids though... my mom has a weird ability to win the heart of any child within 5 minutes while most kids run away from me. im not really very good at that Lets Make Everything Fun And Exciting!!!! thing. luckily it doesn't really take much to entertain them though.

everyone's got little tykes now... i can't keep track of them all.

i guess i should start remembering to send them presents and things now that im all older and stuff, huh... I can't wait till they're all my age. it'll be so weird.


just thought this was kind silly:

findings from the Abebooks.com Student Survey include:

- The most popular choice in literary roommate for male and female
respondents was Bridget Jones, followed by Frodo Baggins, and
Virginia Woolf;

- 80% of students who spend over $1,000 a year on books have sex more
often than students spending less

Bridget Jones would be a really cool roomate. Especially if she was still dating Darcy.... I wouldn't want to live with Frodo or Virginia though. They dont seem nearly as fun. also, what's up with that last statistic?

still more ranting.

apparently im really in the typing mood tonight.. i dont really know why. i kinow i write too much about nothing at all... i kind of wish i didn't. i kind of want to know what it'd be like to not have the constant urge to write things down and go over things in circles (i always seem to be about the same things).

whats it like to be indifferent about all the details? how do you stay sane?

i guess im doing it to make up for lack of communication*, but i suppose most people don't need to.

I probably shouldn't be writing this here. I should be writing things for my new zine that doesnt really exist yet (and maybe never will). I think online journals kinda ruin part of the appeal of zines for me. i dont really even know why i still have the urge to do another one. but another part of me doesn't know why i haven't done it yet.

i just now thought of a title for it though. "Trivial Pursuit". or something like that... although maybe something a little different (but the same) so that people dont think it's actually about the game, which ive never even played before.

my writing feels strange tonight.

hmm...I really do like that title though. kinda strange how i seem to need good titles before i can really do anything...

i'm not really use to this "blog" format, where things are shorter and more "topical" but i guess i kinda like it... I might end up cheating and taking some things from here and putting them into the zine, although it seems kinda pointless. once i hit "publish post" its published. why put it on paper too? the only people that would be remotely interested in the paper versions probably (?) read the online version... i dont know. maybe i just really like to do layouts. (i could have told the guy that was interviewing me today that i had experience in independent publishing...)

erg. okay. i guess thats enough/too much. anyways, at least this is one less thing to mull over when i cant fall asleep tonight..

*which is really all my fault so i guess i cant really complain... my friends call me and send emails. i just never remember to call or write them back. (i also dont like the phone. but i do like writing..so that doesnt make sense...) i don't even go on AIM very often anymore. i s'pose i should.

.....im sorry if im terrible at keeping in touch with you. i promise its not personal. im just no good at it.

i need a bigger pot.

im donating all my once beloved concert t-shirts... except for Garbage which will probably join the ranks of sleep shirts soon. i have too much clothes... in 6th grade i use to wear like the same thing for days. not that i didnt have anything else, i just really really liked my shirts (especially that damn CocaCola bear in his lowrise jeans with his underwear showing. i thought it was the funniest damn thing ever). and especially if they were way to big for me. (i think cause i didn't like the fact that i was getting boobies. and big shirts hid that). and of course people made fun of me for it. i think over the years i ended up over compensating. but now im trying to undo it. or at least just get rid of half my stuff and just do laundry more often instead of just buying new stuff when im out of clean things.

I think im finally growing out of myself. or at least my wardrobe..i dunno..i feel like my rebellious teen phase was much to mellow and not so rebellious. or im growing out of it all much to quickly..(or not quickly enough? im going to be 20 next year...) not that i was ever a big trouble maker or anything. okay, so maybe a little vandalism and shoplifting. and illicit late night rendezvous. but not really much more than that. I expected my "wild" phase to be much more.. wild. maybe it's hard to live upto the craziness of my older sister. but I just feel like im constantly giving up and settling for the typical and not even caring any more. i just want things to be simple. maybe its because im just too lazy. the only problem (or relief?) is there is still that part of me that comes up every once and a while and gets really upset about whatt im turning into and yells at me, although sometimes she admits some changes are better... but im glad she's at least still there to keep me in check.

"a slave to the IKEA
nesting instinct. What
kind of dining set defines


as a person"

interview piemonade*

le sigh. my throat has decided to be mean and hurt like a bitch. and ive got a canker sore or whatever they're called in the front of my mouth. so basicly it's no fun. its a good thing i don't have any big make out sessions planned for the next... couple of... years... or something... hmm.

anyways.. i had my interview with the daily today. it was pretty silly cause most of the stuff he asked me was stuff he already asked me about before. pretty simple questions really. but still after i left i was like "damn it. why didn't i say more?" when people ask me things i can usually answer with something, but its not until 5 minutes later that i can think of ways to elaborate. like when he asked about experience or what i think i'd get from it. i might not have a lot of newspaper type experience but ive done a bit of other stuff.... i also think its kinda funny that he says he started off in VCD too, but after working there he didnt want to do it anymore. so yeah, i dont think i'll know for a couple of weeks or something.. but ive got a feeling that im not going to get it. i dont really know what it is...just a feeling. but it would be really cool if i did. id be getting paid to make stuff on the computer, and maybe get burned out too. either way i'll be going back to calling for at least another couple of weeks.

*horray for new sb email.

Apple love

i picked up an AirPort Express (I named it Porty Potta... Porty for short.) today, even though im not really going to need it till apartment time. cant really use it here cause the desktop doesnt have a wireless adapter. but i just wanted to try it out. it is pretty cool to be able to play music and get online wirelessly (i dont know why the printing isnt working though)...although it's kinda silly cause when am i going to be somewhere that im not close enough to just run a wire to things? i guess thats not the point but still... it was pretty unnessicary now that i think of it..

also picked up a cable to connect things (Porty, PB, and Spandy) to my big stereo. I havent used it for years cause the cd player is busted, but now it doesnt matter cause i dont the cd player. or my cds really. gonna sell em all. at least now riley cant complain about my shitty speakers. = ) It's cool cause a lot of my music i have ive only listened to on shitty speakers so when it was hooked up to the big set it was like totally different. i use to not notice, but now i do...

and while im still in the mac geek mode new imacs are kinda weird. and expensive. i wish i wasn't such a sucker for apple's clever markting and sleek designs for overpriced products (that rock). I'm guess im just another shallow sheep... oh well.

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