yay for the northwest film forum. Fearless Freaks, the Flaming Lips documentary was really cool. I love them like 10x more now. Wayne is so awesome and crazy.

i feel like I've been sort of... decisive lately, which is weird cause I'm usually so very indecisive and non-planning. dunno.

listen: DK JAMS! Donkey Kong Country Original Soundtrack! (it was only 50 cents, i had to get it) Man, I miss that game.



I would have expected it to be up in the 80% range..

43.75 %

My weblog owns 43.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

and, because I'm in the procrastinating mood...

1. I sleep with mr. bear
2. I snack on tomatos and salt
3. I am an ex-vegetarian
4. I've had my ears pierced 3 times. (in pairs)
5. I dont wear earings.
6. I have super strong toes
7. I have spider hands
8. I love cantaloupe
9. I am a tomboy
10. I am kinda sorta Buddhist

1. Send me mail.
2. Make an awesome mixtape.
3. Be artsy.
4. Be smart.
5. Play a musical instrument (pref. guitar..or accordian)
6. Sing. ( or dance )
7. Make me laugh.
8. Be open minded.
9. Bring me fruit.

1. Underwear
2. Glasses
3. iPod
4. Keys
5. Camera
6. Wallet
7. Writing utensils
8. Shoes ( 90% pumas 10% misc. )

1. Control freaks
2. Static hair
3. Bubbly girls
4. Macho boys
5. Stubborn/Close minded people
6. Dry/sticky/moist hands
7. Pants (when trying to sleep)

1. Thailand
2. Great Wall of China
3. The Bahamas
4. Alaska
5. Canada
6. Yellowstone National Park

1. Illustrate a children's book
2. Make a music video/ animated short
3. Record an album (pref. a non-sucky one)
4. Write a novel
5. Travel to austrailia, japan, italy, france, sweden, denmark, spain

1. Failure
2. Militant religious folk
3. Drunks guys at bus stops
4. Social awkwardness

1. Waste time online
2. Play with my gerbils.
3. Listen to music.

1. Work on my typeface.
2. Fall asleep.

1. You.

via withknivesout



Screw the fancy ass hoity toity classic hotels, Hotel Fox is the coolest hotel EVER. Each room was individually done by artists and designers. That would be such an awesome place to go on a honeymoon or something. seeing as how it's over $160-$270 per night I highly doubt I'd be staying there just like while backpacking through Denmark or something. Man. now I wanna draw all over my walls. I can't wait till I have a house.

boo for Doves show being cancelled, but i suppose it's okay cause they moved it to June 11th, when I'll be done with school.

I have so much more respect for typographers now. making a typeface is hard and tedious.

watch: Dresden Dolls Coin Operated Boy
listen: Parliment - Mothership Connecition. FUNKY!


animated drool

watch: Pandoramama by Nina Paley. OMG. it would be so amazing to actually see this at the size it was intended, and not at the 2inch quicktime size. it's totally cameraless. every frame was drawn directly on the 70 mm film, meaning it's meant to be played at an IMAX theater. That would be so cool.

you know, I would REALLY like to just say fuck vcd, I'm doing animation...I've only got 2 years to go...

I really feel like I should though. I mean, design is neat and practical, but animation is amazing. And it's always been something I've been in love with.

I need to start drawing more and doing more. and probably blogging much less.




• working on worst.essay.ever.
• need to take pics.
• need to finish letters.


• free 40" x 50" canvas!*
• awesome show last night**
• awesome screenprinted poster
• the sis & bro-in-law are coming!
• apartment shopping!

* Found by the dumpsters yesterday. Apparently someone was trying to paint a portrait of these two people. It's really bad, so i can kinda understand why they tossed it. I'm just going to paint over it.
** Antony & The Johnsons, Devendra Banhart, CocoRosie, and William Basinski. "Because my teeth don't bite, I can take them dancing. I could take my little teeth out and show them a real good time. a real good time, good time, a good time..."

watch: Soundgarden Black Hole Sun an old fav. Probably the only soundgarden song I ever liked.
listen: Devendra Banhart




just like chemistry

This is probably more personal than blog worthy, but I feel like typing anyways.

I think the last time I've gotten really upset because of a teacher was in chemistry, like 3 years ago. The Scheurman Incident, which was actually pretty ridiculous (especially since chem is pretty useless to me now). So it's kinda weird that 3 years later the teacher that got me really upset actually really reminds me of Mr. Scheurman, aside from the tight pants and big belt buckle. But yeah, the only thing I hate more than people seeing me cry is teachers seeing me cry. (not that teachers aren't people...but in my world they exist in a sort of seperate sphere or something) Especially when it's about something really stupid and not worth getting that upset over.

I'm pretty sure a lot of it has to do with chemistry though. not highschool chem... like brain chemistry or something. Because it's been like clockwork all year, every month around the 19th -20th. He just happened to be the trigger this time. But I don't think I remember being like this before. Maybe it has but i just cant remember cause I dont keep track very well.

I also really hate the art vs. design thing, and how design is not art, which my prof went on about for like 20 minutes today (this is unrelated to the stuff above). How it's about communicating ideas, but not self expression. How we will never make art. It's not even a debate really, art and design do exist in pretty different spheres because they have different purposes, although there may be a little venn diagram action in there. But the it's bothersome how the two seem to fight.* I mean, I understand it. I actually never really liked the idea of going into design before. I basicly just saw it as something for people who couldn't draw. I still don't think I belong in design (although I cant really draw realisticly either, so maybe i do). I just don't understand why the two cant just get along. What would be so bad about actually making it about self expression? If anything that would make the expressing even more clear.

"...at some point i realized i should just take those ideas and apply them to things I care about, take like personal things, emotional things, and apply them using that process in graphics and pushing those graphics to be clear" -Geoff McFetridge

I suppose I should get back to writing my paper...

watch: Royksopp Poor Leno
listen: The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack


death by photography

I've been through enough critiques to know they're not meant to be taken personally. It's not because teachers don't like you, they're just trying to help you improve.

But knowing this doesn't stop me from getting this distinct feeling that my photo teacher is somehow attacking me personally everytime he talks to me. I don't know what it is exactly. I know it's ridiculous, but it's definately a distinctively different feeling that I've never really felt from any of my other profs. I think part of it may have to do with the fact that I was already kind of afraid of him to start so I pretty much never say anything in there. It also doesn't help that durring crit all he basicly says to me is either "don't do this" or "make them better" while he goes on long explinations and suggestions for most others. Photography has never been my strength. It's just really frustrating. So much so that I forgot to go to work after class again today. oops.

I spend too much time online watching music videos.

watch:Basement Jaxx: Cish Cash .
listen: U.S.E.


I was going to go into this long rant about why I don't really believe in history, but I can't seem to word things right tonight... so for now I'll just say the fact that history and myth are closer relatives than they should be is really bothering me lately. I know it's kind of a weird thing to be worried about on a Monday night.

Also, a query: When there's a cool kid in your class that you think would be fun to hang out with, but they're still pretty much just academic aquaintances, how do you go about asking them initially without it sounding like you're hitting on them or something? I know this is also a weird thing to worry about, but I don't think I ever really mastered this set of social skills (along with several others).

i dunno. mondays are strange.

also, today's Qwantz comic totally sums up my shopping issues.

watch:RJD2: 1976 (another fav from this past weekend. Also a good song)
listen: Gorillaz - Demon Days. I think it's better than their first album.


BD05 craziness!

Fun weekend craziness!

Pablo Ferro was the cutest little old guy with the most gorgeously long red scarf. So gorgeous that I came home and immediately drew a picture of him in his scarf.

The panel of local motion design companies ( Digital Kitchen, Flying Spot, and Fad) was really great. Lot of good questions and a lot of optomistic but honest answers that made me feel all motivated and stuff. I really like how when someone asked about advice on how to get into the field they were mostly like "you just have to REALLY want it." That's my favorite kind of advice. The stuff that's sorta just along the lines of "I gotta believe!" as opposed to things my design profs tell us. I mean, maybe my profs are more realistic but 75% of their advice just makes me totally pessimistic and depressed about the future. And considering I actually don't like the stuff my profs make, but I love the stuff by these other people, I'm going to chose to believe in the others. The first set of videos were pretty cool too.

And Jeb's party was pretty interesting for my first "real" college party. Lots of pretty boys and girls who like boys and girls, respectively. And I of course, not being a social butterfly, just spent most of the night around Peter & Riley and not mingling, which I suppose sorta defeats the purpose of going to social events. I did discover I can only drink stuff that's fruit flavored. Oh well. Makes me really miss Chip's parties and his pool, trampoline, ping pong, video games, cards, fun dorky stuff.

Sun: The second set of videos wasn't AS cool as the first, but they were pretty good too and included the Rapture video below.

I've decided to spend this summer learning only 2 main things: Japanese and Adobe After Effects. I figure that if I spend all my summer free time just making stuff (hopefully a cool video) instead of buying shit and going to expensive things I don't really need a summer job, which is cool, cause I just really wanna work on doing art stuff not for school. stuff for jayne.

watch: Rapture's House of Jealous Lovers (One of my favorite vidoes from this weekend, which is kinda funny cause it's also the one that looks the most low tech. Like there's all these other cool computery looking ones, but I still like the cut and paste style. Shynola is so cool.)
listen: United State of Electronica! I love them so much I actually bought their CD today, and it totally kicks so much ass.


"I never had it so well..."

I am falling behind in EVERYTHING and screwing myself over with a super non-productive weekend coming up. But you know what? "I've got more love than anyone could handle, I've got more happiness too" I've had this U.S.E. song on repeat all day, and it makes it really hard to actually care. This is quite possibly THE happiest song EVER. and it gets 100 dance-in-the-computer-chair-while-trying-to-type points. It's like "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" fantastic. In fact, maybe even better. Well... I dunno. They're both pretty damn fantastic to dance your cares away to. But they also get 100 cool points for being from the emerald city. and +10 for the cute shout outs to Capitol Hill and Queen Anne. Anyways, if this song doesn't make you happy... I don't know...you're hopeless.

watch: (nothing today. just listen to the song.)
listen: Emerald City. United States of Electronica. (current play count: 40, probably about 30 in today alone)


built around experience.

So, Neal made a comment , but instead of rambling on in the comment box, I thought I'd just go ahead and make a post out of it just cause I feel like it

I agree that if you are designing/making your own stuff, that really IS part of you cause you're directly a part of it's existence. And that is cool. (But really, when was the last time you designed a pair of khakis). Really basing your life around aesthetics seems really superficial, cause it seems like all that matters in life is beauty. I suppose basing your life around religion is at least (sometimes) philisophical or spiritual. At least with religion people are trying to find some meaning in their life. Something greater than deciding what color iPod socks match your Chuck Taylors.

Of course, I know I am always the hypocrite. Being in the art department does sort of make me part of that "life of aesthetics" circle. I spend half of my week working on trying to make non-ugly letter forms and the other half of my week taking (hopefully interesting) non-ugly photos ( I don't wanna use the word "pretty", cause that's not really what it's about at all). I know that in the end they're all pretty useless and do nothing for anyone, aside from maybe make me more anal. Also, In the past two weeks alone I have spent over $100 on new clothes* that I really don't need. Which is my main problem, well not specificly the buying new clothes thing. It's more the fact that I still can't seem to get my ideologies to match up with reality.(but that's another post) Is it weird that something like shopping can be more an issue of ideology than anything?

Anyways, I also don't care much for religion. So I actually wouldn't base my life around either or those things. I guess being raised Buddhist has some effect on me, but I don't base my life around it. Makes me kinda wonder though. I'd say most people in this country do really care about their religion** and that's fine and dandy for them. But it's not for me. So, what AM I building my life around?

Learning from experiences, i guess. Cause I most of my thinking is based on my past experiences, and the experiences of others I suppose. Being the youngest in the family means lots of learning vicariously through lots of stories from siblings and cousins. And most of my decisionsare based on my desire to experience stuff. I do things just to see what it's like. Go places. See things. Do things. To have interesting things to store in my memory. And maybe creating stuff. I'd say most of the things on my life to do list involve making something. I have a strange desire to constantly pour my heart into making something. Maybe cause I think things I make really ARE bits of myself.

And this is all much longer than it really should have been. Especially when I should have been working on those non-ugly letters of mine.

oh, and side note: totally got a raise! Yay!

* This pair of underwear from American Apparel is THE softest and most comfortable thing to ever clad my girly parts! And the skirt I got from Express the other day is simply fantastic. If only it was warm enough to wear it.
** See the map

watch: The Decemberist's Sixteen Military Wives (Super fantastic high quality too!)
listen: Beck's Guero album is fantastic x 100.


spot the difference

a few trivial changes. can you tell what they are?

I've added a new goal to my things-to-do-by-the-end-of-college list, design my own blog (and make it good). Cause really, if I'm going through all these design classes and can't even do my own blog, then what's the point? Sure, there's the whole trying to get a job with the degree thing... but having a nice blog is obviously much more important than employment.

Why don't we have Fight Club?

currently listening to/watching: Around the World . Daft Punk. Michel Gondry (I love him so much).


des prof, consume.

Sometimes I kinda feel like my design profs are the most opinionated and nit picky people I've ever met. Not that I don't like them, they're great. I do think they know what they're talking about most of the time, even if most of the time I sorta feel like they're talking AT me and not TO me. And they're pretty amusing in a really honest straight forward kinda way. They're also really passionate and serious about what they do. But I dunno, I guess it's just that I've never really had teachers like that before.

My typography prof tells us this story: " The first date I had with my husband (before we were married) we were at the movies and there were these guys on screen wearing ARMY shirts. He leans over and whispers 'There's too much space between the R and the M.' And that's when I knew this was the man for me." That's so cute, in a weird sorta way.

My photography prof is one of the most talkative men I've ever met. He tells all sorts of stories and things. He says (something along these lines): " Getting into design is a life long commitment. When you get home from a design job you can't just stop thinking about design. And that will make you an intolerable person to live with, I'm warning you now. If your partner doesn't understand you're going to have lots of problems. Towels, curtains, dishes, silverware, placemats, it doesn't matter what it is. You'll never be able to buy anything that doesn't meet up with your design standards and have endless arguments about it. And if your mother in law buys you a paisley table cloth you'll have to hide it from your other design friends when they come over."

It's not really just a design thing, but I suppose it makes sense that it'd be especially true for people that design stuff. But it's also really depressing cause I really don't want to be like that. I really don't want to care that much about shit like that cause I know there are more important things. I try to fight it off, but I can slowly feel it happening... I really need to stop.

And now for some favorite Fight Club quotes:
"What kind of dining set defines me as a person?"
"The things you own end up owning you."
"You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis."

and of course, a video: from PSYOP, the PSYOP Anthem. Not really a music video, but it fit with this so well...

currently listening to: SXSW mix


stop. just. stop.

It's been suggested before, but I'm pretty sure I really do have social anxiety disorder or something. I'm not really sure what to do bout it though. But I'm reminded of last quarter when someone was asking the design prof..

" I'm having trouble not [drawing something (I don't remember what exactly)]. Do you have any tips to help me stop?"
" Well, if you see the problem, just stop doing it."

not the most helpful answer ever, though i suppose it sounds good in theory.

currently listening to: Architecture In Helsinki ( Very nice. recomended by Dasha and courtesy of Zach .) The video for Do The Whirlwind is great. I'd link to it but it's on their flash site.


useless information

David Duchovny's directing House of D. Totally gonna go see it, even though he never uses paragraph breaks in his blog. I'm sad I missed him when he was in Seattle a few days ago.

Beck's E-Pro

and Because I havne't done a quiz thing in a long time:

















What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
created with QuizFarm.com


ear-eye candy

Today instead of drawing my letters I drew gerbils. I am obsessed with gerbils now.

I've also decided to try and post videos I like everytime I blog, because I want to spread to love.

I'll kick it off with Feel Good, the new Gorillaz video. I always love the way Gorillaz is animated. The song kicks ass too, makes me excited for the new album. I'm especially fond of the "windmill" part.

currently listening to: Gorillaz


sin city etc

We saw Sin City last night. I wasn't really interested in going but it was pretty good for a based on graphic novel movie. I've never seen so many guys get shot/punched/kicked/hatcheted/hurt in the nuts. It was also nice how they were all about beating the shit out of misogynists. That made me happy. I think it'd be intereseted to see a movie based on a comic that wasn't about being super or beating the shit out of people. Like Blankets. That could be cool. especially if they kept in most/all the art or incorporated it into live action some how. I mean, there's already a soundtrack to it. And with 300 pages of drawings, the story board is pretty much figured out.

Horray for new music: Beck, Decemberists, Doves, Bloc Party, The Faint, Tegan & Sara, and a buncha other stuff.

and Sam & Max!

gerbil nest
curious max
yin yang fluff

"We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture," (Pastor Mummert) said.

currently listening to: The Faint

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