I'm on this wierd Talking Heads and Killers kick right now. There's something about "sugar on my tongue" that hits a head rocking button in my head. And The Killers has just been on loop for the past few days....It's terribly addicting... also just got Wilco's new album. but I haven't listened to it much yet, but it's not exactly head-rocking kinda music.. but its pretty good.

also, i've decided to add "make a music video" to my list of things to do in my life.



Bush's one fingered victory salute


also soon

November is also National Novel Writing Month. And when I'll have to write my big paper for art history. and work on my main final project for design. and I may be getting some other work from Seattle Weekly. My life is already packed now. Next month is going to twice and full. Sure, it would probably help if I wasn't going to write a crappy novel at the same time, but whatever. Erg. I really like being busy but I feel like my life is getting packed down too much lately. In an attempt to be more productive I'm trying to avoid the tv as much as possible. The computer is probably a bigger distraction but it's hard to avoid since I have to use it for my classes and for work...

too tired. too much to do tomorrow... and the next couple of weeks.

little stressed.

I feel like I should drop Judo cause it'd free up more time in my week, but I think it'd be good for me to keep it up... it's a nice break from school, work, and home.... I've already made it through half the class. can I make it through the rest?



we watched fahrenheit 9/11 tonight. they were showing it in the hub for $3. Pretty much what I expected from it. Pretty interesting... although it mainly made me realize just how soon the election is... i mean, it's like next week...

I think I'm actually a little scared of Nov. 2nd. Being in Seattle it's hard to believe that the election would be a very close race at all. I forget about the fact that there are people (like a few of my friends) who are steady republicans. I also think there will be mass riots if he gets re-elected. I know there's already a national group of people forming to protest on Nov. 3. I also feel like something big should happen between now and then... I dont know what it would be.. but it troubles me.

a week from now... and everything could change.

there better be tons of kids voting this time around. I don't know how anyone could just sit back and not do anything. especially people my age.

alright. that's enough politics for me.



either they gave me a raise without telling me or they made a mistake. I hope it was the former. but either way, it's good for me! yay for paycheck + rebate checks! makes me feel much better about my trip to urban outfitters yesterday... (picked up a new deth p. sun t-shirt and a magenta scarf. they're both very nice, although overpriced.)

i think I said I was bored of work before, but I think I'm actually enjoying it even more lately. Mainly because it gives me time to do my readings for class. but also just cause it's just gotten really easy lately.

my bro called yesterday and told me to email him some of my stuff. he said his boss is considering using me as an illustrator for one of the sections in the gift guide issue or something. I don't know how she can consider me when she hasn't seen any of my stuff, but whatever. I sent him some stuff today, but I don't really think I'm what she's looking for. It would be cool to have an illustration in Seattle Weekly though, even if I almost always pick up the Stranger instead of SW. But yeah, that would just be really cool. even if it was just something little.


apparently when im in the shower this is what goes through my head:

you're too shy shy.. hush hush. eye to eye. i still can't believe he's voting bush. i guess thats why politics is a bad topic. too shy shy.. hush hush.. eye to eye. but the show that leads into me is puppets making crank calls! too shy shy. that killers cd is good. I don't know why I didn't check them out earlier. too shy shy.. hush hush. eye to eye. I'm glad ben turned me on to to john stewart. too shy shy.. hush hush. eye to eye. how can he think john stewart is pro bush? hush hush. eye to eye. it'd be cool if i really did get to do those illustrations for seattle weekly. the show that leads into me is puppets making crank calls! you're cnn! too shy shy. i wish i had a dog.


quasi cryptic?

egoist. hedonist. adventure-ist. uninvolved. apathetic. evil.

beautiful. cute. sweet. friendly.... republican?! a-ha.

social by nature. anti-social by nurture.

family. friends.







i fucked up my ankle playing freeze tag.



i copied a bunch of sifl and olly mp3s from work. Ah....fond memories. 2 sock puppets. dumb and cheesy music. good times.

its sad how something so stupid amuses me so much.


dont forget

just making a note to myself here so i don't forget about this cause it sounds fun. and it's walking distance from here. i just missed the last one...

November 13
After Hours Tango, Midnight-4AM
Tango Saturday night away at a FREE, ALL AGES, AFTER HOURS tango event! Dancing goes midnight - 4 AM. Argentine Tango is an earthy, improvised dance born in the barrios of Buenos Aires. It is to dance what jazz is to music: expressive and spontaneous. There will be a free beginner's tango lesson at midnight (no experience necessary). Music will be a blend of traditional and contemporary tango, much of which is influenced by trance/hiphop rhythms, as well as an ecclectic mix of "non-tango" for dancing.

why is it so hard to find an 18+ dance club here? i mean, im sure there are some.. but i dont know of any. i can get into sex clubs, buy guns and see strippers but i can't find a place to dance.

if i change the date to the future does it post it later?



does location really matter that much?

sometimes i fancy the idea that a change of location will always change everything for the better. i guess for the most part its true. but i kinda wonder how much good it would really do anyways.

ive been toying with the idea of transfering to a different school. but not very seriously. i like it here in seattle way too much to leave yet. I think i have to at least be 21 before i'll let myself leave. I want to take advantage of all the 21+ venues here.

plus i dont really know where i'd actually want/could afford to go. its especially tough since by the time i'd want to transfer i'd be eligible for in-state tuition. im thinking about a post-bac thing at MCAD for illustration. I know it's a long way away from now, but i've just kinda been thinking about it lately.

but i also know no matter where i am i'll only get better if i take the initiative to do things on my own. cause school's not going to do it for me, no matter how good/expensive it is.

i need to start doing/making more personal stuff again. not like secret stuff or anything, but just like stuff for me. i'd like to start painting. i was never really a very good painter (despite what the blog title might suggest). there's not much room in my room here... but maybe i can set up something small out in the main room or something.

im obviously just typing to avoid doing my readings. i'm so dull. all i've got to talk about is school. eh. im just sorta typing my thinking right now. whatever.


people high

my conversation skills workshop was really really fun. I get such a buzz (probably not the right word for it but good enough) when something clicks and conversations just flow. Especially with people I've never met before. People are so interesting. I might not be like a natural public relations kinda people person, but i really am facinated by people. maybe cause when if i get really interested in other people it takes my mind off me and everything else. bit of an escape. It's also kinda nice though cause since it was in a workshop type setting it made it a lot easier. But it was nice that most of the time i talked to people I was left wanting to know more about them by the end, which is always good.

i dunno, it was just a really nice class and I had lots of good laughs. I might sign up for the other classes she offers just cause they're a fun and different diversion. I mean, i think i'd much rather spend my saturday with a group of people that want to grow instead of just going shopping or something, which is what my weekends are usually for.

I'm going to make an honest effort to improve myself. I mean, i know i learned most of my socialization skills from my parents and friends, so i don't think it's really just a set part of me. i mean, maybe some of it has been kinda rooted into me but for the most part i think there's lots of room for improvement.

i also think im going to try to not wear my headphones when i go out any more. cause when i see people with headphones i pretty much assume they don't want to be bothered. i mean, most of the time that i have headphones on is when i want to build a little bubble around me to shut everything else out. listening to music on headphones also makes it harder for me to really think because i just have the music in my head. i mean, sometimes it's good when i dont want to hear myself any more but for the most part i think i need that quiet walking time to like reflect on stuff. plus it'd make me more approachable and willing to approach others.

i also had an all around nice night last night. so i'm in a nice mood today. yay!

i would also like to meet our neighbors. I've seen some of them a few times, but i dont really know them. id like to at least know their names or something.



this vcd project is driving me crazy. no matter what i do it looks stupid. i'm begining to think that maybe i don't care about it enough, which is weird because i seem to worry about it enough. I feel like i should work on this stuff more. but I don't really want to. part of the thing is probably the fact that as of now all we're doing is compositions of like black and white shapes and lines and stuff, and I get so bored of it so fast.

I think I might be getting bored of work already too, which is sad cause it's only been a few weeks and it's not like it's a bad job. maybe it's just lately. the people are fun and cool. but i dont really connect.

even the tv can't hold my attention for very long. I get bored of it and end up just pouncing one of my roomates.

i was looking through my big illustration book and thinking i should be drawing. i know im not really a designer. when people ask me what i want to do, i don't say "i'd like to arrange text! resize images! create fonts! promote empty consumerism with wasteful pretty packaging!" I mean, those are all kinda interesting and useful and I wouldn't really mind it. but more than anything I just want to be an amazing illustrator but I know I'm no where near it yet.

in other news, my body is so sore from judo and it really hurts so good.

ive had a really long day. all i want to do is sleep, but i have to work on these damn shapes. *grumble*


active pt. 2

Ah yes, now I remember why I quit Judo the first 2 times I tried it. The Warm Up. Seriously. Warm up exercises are always way more exhausting than the rest of the stuff, especially since I havent actually done ANYTHING active in a REALLY long time.. But I think I should be able to handle it. the class is only 12 weeks long. So I'm only dealing with short term commitment here, although there's a Judo club that I could join afterwards too if I felt like being un-jayne and actually sticking to it. I don't know about that yet, but it is kinda fun so far. I'm suprised I actually remember quite a bit from when I took it long ago, but only vuagely.

I'm the only girl in the class other than the instructor, which I think is kinda cool. Rumbling with boys makes me feel kinda rough and tough or something, even though I'm not at all. Also a little scary though cause most of them are actually pretty fit already so they'll probably kick my ass, but whatever.

I like that the instructor doesn't scare me though. She seems nice and not drill sargent like. drill-sargent-types are one of the main reasons why I avoid most sports. It's also nice that they will issue me a uniform so i dont have to buy one.

and hopefully 2 days a week of this stuff will help funnel out my "pent-up-hulk-smash-like-goat-fury". so maybe I won't have to take it out on poor peter and riley as often, but im not promising anything.

also, I dont know what to get with my gift certificate. Ive decided books are way too expensive. With $50 I can't really get much of anything, especially the kind of books that I want, which are mostly filled with pretty pictures. I'll probably end up getting the Big Book of Illustrations (or whatever it was called), which is pretty much a big ass book filled with art by lots of different illustrators. And hopefully it'll inspire me and give me new styles to learn from and stuff. And it'd be a good sort of resource type thing I guess. Plus, at $45 (before tax) it's a kind of book that I'd never spend my own money on.


So I was planning on doing Aikido, but the class was already full so I signed up for Judo instead. The only other martial arts class i could take would have been karate and im just not into that. This will be the third time I've tried to do Judo. Of course, it's been a really long time since I've done it so I'm not sure what to expect. But i know it's mostly like tripping, flipping, and pinning people, which should be fun. I mean, I like to do that to people for fun. It starts today. Hopefully I won't have to stay at work too long cause there's only about an hour buffer time between work and judo now and about a 15 minute walk between the two. But since i've pretty much gotten the hang of work, as long as other people aren't behind on their things, I should be okay. hopefully.

Also picked up my $50 University bookstore gift certificate from Hall Health for the poster design along with a copy of the flyer that's going to be posted around campus. The colors are a little off but I think it actually looks a little better like that. It was my fault though. I should have known better than to design something for print in RGB colors instead of CMYK. I also saw the 1st place design when I was there, which was pretty nice. Anyways, I'm very happy with my $50 and now I'm going to go spend it all instead of doing my readings for class! Hooray!



"These art school kids are no better than the other teenagers/twenty-somethings that are so obsessed with appearances. In fact these kids are worse... they try so hard to look different... but they all end up looking like art school kids... " - Tpicasso

Sometimes I wish I was one of those uber stylish hipsters with a unique sense of fashion. Pierced, tattooed, and colored hair. Crazy outifts. makeup. all that stuff.

But then I remember that being stylish takes work (and money) and I'm more comforatble in just jeans and a hoodie anyways.

I love my new American Apparel* hoodie. so grey and boring. it's so perfect.

I wore my old RHCP hoodie the other day and this girl next to me started freaking out. She's like "OMG!!!!! Where did you get that?!?!" Apparently shes a big RHCP fan. I just thought It was pretty funny cause I've had it for so long and no one ever seemed to notice what it was until now, when I hardly even wear it anymore.

*One of my few brand-loyalties is American Apparel. Their stuff is just so soft and comfy and fits so well. plus bonus points for being sweatshop free. Even if it costs a bit more, it's kinda nice to know the extra money I spend on it goes towards covering the costs of fair wage and good working conditions. Not just the Big Bad Company ripping off the workers in other countries, like most of my other clothes.


pre-mature excitement

NOVEMBER 12, 2004. 6 am.

Registration for winter quarter!

I know its a bit early to be excited since autumn really just started last week or so. But it's only like a month away!!! Yay for registration!! (Even though I wont know if I can register for the next VCD class till mid december or so.)

I love the quarter system so much.

I am such a nerd.

I need to start doing things again that aren't related to school or work.

I admire and envy people with extracurricular activities.


I'm going to sign up for a martial arts class! but which one....

friday- the day after ladies day*-rant

I should be at the badly drawn boy show right now. But its just too mucky out to schlep down to the showbox by myself. But at least I saved like $20. I need to find me some concert buddies. Unfortunately most of the people who like the same kind of music I do are by default too cool for me. I know that doesnt make any sense. But thats how it works out in my head cause I'm weird like that. How I long to meet a cool and nice indie rock hipster that doesn't intimidate me. hmm.

I just registered for this thru the experimental college:

"Conversation Skills Your Mother Never Taught You: People are never boring, but conversations often are. This class provides short, fun exercises that teach what to say and ask in conversations with parents, friends, children, dates, co-workers, classmates and strangers at parties. The pace is lively. Topics covered include openers, good listening, finding a topic of mutual interest, simple ways to deal with conversational fears, barriers and intimacy pacing."

I figure it can't hurt. Plus it'll at least give me something to do next weekend.

I've been thinking about the Communication major, specificly the social interaction area of study lately. Maybe because I spend a good deal of my time in the Communication building now that I'm at the Daily. But I started thinking about it before I started working too. The weird thing is I'm not all that good at communication or social interaction really. But I'm really interested in it. Maybe it's because I'm no good at it. Maybe it's cause im a Gemini. Is it strange to want to major in something im terrible at? Actually I've never even taken a class in communication so I dont know if I'd wanna major in it. But I think it'd be interesting.

Of course, what do I know? I've changed my mind so many times in the past year. I mean, i'm obviously still into the idea of VCD, but realisticly I'm starting to think I should have another plan since theres a good chance of not getting in and all. of course Comm is also competetive..but whatever... I'll have to try and take a comm class next quarter and see how that goes.

The Beta Band's "Liquid Bird" makes me very happy for some reason.

*"the-hers-day. for the ladies" been thinking of eddie recently.


hulk smash!

being tired, frustrated and hungry makes for a rather surly jayne.

i ended up having nothing to do at work for the time that I was suppose to be there, and just as i was going to leave they asked me to stay and fix stuff that i should have gotten hours before (again). it would have been fine if the computer wasnt being dumb. i know its weird, but this job makes me NOT want a G5. it's prolly just the ones at work that are fucked up, but they just drive me crazy sometimes.

its a good thing i don't really have a life anyways so it's not like it really mattered. If I came home early i probably would have just rolled around on the floor for a couple of hours.

also, i recognized like 4 or 5 people in my design lecture today. i also made sure to avoid talking to them. im obviously making a big effort to improve my social life... it's not cause i don't like them. just because i'm weird like that and can't deal with chatting up people at 830 in the morning. not that im any good at it any other time of the day.

i want to force myself to get to know someone new everyday, but that'll never happen. maybe 1 per week. but even that's kinda stretching it.


I think i like this one class in the morning monday (and wednesday) thing. Even if it starts ridiculously early (830 is too early for me.) between class and work i've got a good solid block of time to come home to eat (yay!) and make bad music. it's a good way to spend the day.

I spent much of my weekend reading a book for class that I don't actually have to read for another couple of weeks, just cause it's interesting and i'm a dork. Of course it's not like it's an organic chemistry textbook or anything. it's "Everything you know about love and sex is wrong" which was also written by my teacher. It's really funny.

peter and i were walking home last night and i found these pink polka dotted victoria's secret stuffed dogs. I picked em up and brought them home just cause i tend to do that with things i find on the ground. Then this morning i remembered seeing a victorias secret ad at work saying "find this dog." so i looked at em again this morning and inside the tag is all like "you found me!" apparently i get a prize or something if i take them to the store. probably nothing amazing, but still cool (in that clever and evil marketing scheme kind of way) as long as they dont take the dogs away from me, cause i think they're really silly and want to keep them...


underage angst

DAMN IT!!! I want to be 21 already! I'm tired of being underage and not being able to go to shows! The Concretes are coming to seattle and playing a $10 show, but of course its 21+ ARG!

*grumble grumble*

Maybe I'll go to the Badly Drawn Boy show next week instead. $17 isn't so bad either... hmm.

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